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Music Video thread

Post the song you’re currently listening to, have stuck in your head, the band you just discovered, etc. Here’s what I just listened to.

99 9 October 2019

So we have our threads for anything random, pictorial and musical which leaves one section left. Introducing… Video-a-thon-a-thon. For any videos of an interesting, funny or other SFW topic, nature.

13 11 September 2019
Random Current Thoughts Redux

For when nothing else fits Rules: Don’t double post Don’t be evil … Profit

60 2 September 2019
Random Picture Thread

A picture says a thousand words. Just keep it SFW

27 28 August 2019
Welcome back - say hi! 62 5 October 2019
Where are you from (all the better to stalk you) 19 24 September 2019
How do you get crafty? 22 6 September 2019
Delicousness sss 11 29 August 2019
Other communication channels? 4 27 August 2019
Happy birthday Whili 6 9 August 2019