After School Exam - Up and BORG

Excitement is in the air. The last WHOREAL planet in Galaxy 1 vanquished, a feeling of happiness transpire in all the glorious soldiers of União Portuguesa! A job well done lads!
But now it’s time to look into the future. Taking part of the Whilibarj School for the Terminally Craven was a very positive experience, but there were whispers.
Whispers that the graduation hadn’t been actually achieved.
Whispers saying that we must now face the BORG, and prove which side deserves to no longer be accused of being terminally craven by Master Whilibarj.

We were stunned. The Borg had been nothing but nice to us, always respectful, and cared that our fleets wouldn’t engage in suicidal combat.

But the community demands it, or so it seems.

We therefore, respectfully, declare war on the BORG.

■■■■ this ■■■■…

Well, looks like we didnt had more than 5 hours of peace… jajaja

Oneill, will find each other in the sky

Good Luck to both alliences.-

Let the fight began.-

Great Cesar (juan)

I think no one in this community cares about you :rofl:

At least you finally grew balls to declare on an alliance larger than 50% of yours. So I guess that’s some kind of improvement? Still picked a smaller alliance that is worn off due to 250 turns of hard fighting (and 150 of gangbanging) but ehh, I am just trying to find the positives… I’m such a nice guy.

Or did you simply both wet your pants when you saw yours comms?

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Think harder? Think smarter? Both? :smiley:

willi, can you explain what you mean?

Scrughat is in a better position to explain :slight_smile:

You guys better team up ^^

Same resoult.

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Exam got cancelled due to outside interference , we here by declare truce with the borg … may you prosper !!!