Alliance overview

For all those interested in the alliances going around in DG, I plan to maintain a list in this topic for the time being.

More extensive alliance stuff is already on the radar, but for those interested already this topic can hopefully provide some useful contact points.

If you would like to be on the list, please provide the following information:

  • Alliance tag
  • Alliance name
  • Where can you be found, i.e. discord link
  • If you can’t help yourself feel free to drop up to 2 sentences of blabla.

The list:

Tag Name Contact Link
TC The Creators
WP Wolfpack
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Turned your list into a table :stuck_out_tongue:

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arigato gozaimasu Mr Frosty

this is something that would go really well on a Wiki page :smiley:

which is a functionality pf this type of forums, but I havent seen any wiki yet.