Alpha 2 - Conclusion and Thoughts

Greeting and Salutations!

Alpha 2 has come to a close, as always, a huge thanks to everyone who took part, reported bugs, provided feedback, and generally gave it a go… Once again, a lot of information has flown through over the last two days which I’ve been trying to keep track of, so for now, here’s my general feedback. Feel free to reply if you have something to add!

This is probably the first time I’ve personally been able to play the new code rather than spending time trying to hotfix problems as it runs. Hidden away in Gal 49 playing the game as much as I could, it’s given me a perspective on the general game play, and how the game ‘feels’, and baring a few little Quality of Life changes which could be made (fortunately, my fiance is better at remembering build requirements, and storage capacities than I am), I’m pretty satisfied with how everything feels.

As far as the bug situation goes, this alpha was substantially smoother than the last, outside of minor issues with fleet transfers the storage issues seem to be mostly fixed and all the annoying smaller problems have mostly gone away. A couple of new bugs popped up which weren’t necessarily new, but were easier to spot now all the headache inducing ones were out the way, so looking into them and working on them is up next.

Gameplay wise, most reports on discord indicated it’s pretty smooth, there are some small Quality of Life things which people would like to see (that I’m more than happy to oblige with where possible) to help smooth out the general experience such as news filtering by unread, hovers on queue items noting their requirements, amongst a few others.

Combat is still a work-in-progress, thanks to @Ingus’s help, just some minor tweaks to targeting order produced results far more in line with what was expected which was a promising start. @thedtrain and @Whilibarj spotted some really interesting combat results while doing experiments, which are super easy to reproduce and are going to need a review. I’ll look into setting up some small scale test sessions once they’ve been tidied up.

So what’s next?
First up is taking care of some of those remaining pesky bugs, increasing engine-side debug and logging to make it a little easier to pull out any errors that are occurring for evaluation, and general QoL adding for various things.

Next, finishing of the new Mail subsystem, it’s mostly in-place now, multiple recipients, threaded mails, read statuses, maybe even a ‘delete’ button :stuck_out_tongue:.

This will likely lead us up to Beta 1, which will be a slower game run over the course of a week or two. During this run, work on the new Alliance system will begin. Lots of features scheduled and planned for that, while everything is given a more solid test. Hopefully by the end of beta 1, most the alliance work will be done leading to Beta 2 soon afterwards.

In addition, work on the manual will begin, and for this community help and support will be needed. I’m going to create an ‘open’ repository which will allow contributions from the community to help build an initial manual. I’ll be contributing to it, as well as providing links directly to it from in-game. I’ll run a small server on for general rendering, as well as credits section including people who have contributed. I’ll provide more info for this as it comes around.

For now, that’s all, until next time!