Alpha 2 Suggestions & Bugs

  • Hovering over units, buildings, etc in the build/train queues should bring up a litle info on the resources needed for the items. (ie: Trying to figure out metal/mineral gonna be taken for the SY that is #3 on the queue is tough).
  • When Turn Update notice appears it takes away queue manipulation functions, but doesn’t reinsert them when it finishes.
  • When the turn update notice appears and TU finishes, would be nice if the screen would update the page info (and keep any typed info).
  • Alliance and Planet count in player rankings would be nice
  • The fleet details / queue page / transfer page should show where the fleet currently is.
  • When fleets queued as waiting, “Waiting for X turns” should display on the on fleet overview
  • Ability to modify fleet queue quantities without having to delete / create new item would be a great addition.
  • When tansfering from fleets/planets to planets/fleets and you get STORAGE_INVALID because of workers or soldiers, it should transfer off whatever else that it can instead of nothing.
  • Ability to see time left to completion of currently selected research
  • [br/] tag appears in tooltips on research
  • Actions such as Deleting or Moving queue orders cause duplicates to be created when the turn update occurs.
  • Non-action clicks should goto the destination page even though the turn updates, instead of back to the previous page
  • Fleet Prev/Next on transfer sub-page (even if it goes back to fleet details on next/prev fleet).
  • Somewhere during transfering soldiers / fleets around at a planet, my soldiers/IS went missing. Couldn’t reproduce this, but no record of battle or action that resulted in loss
  • Separate #s with “,” in queues (ie: 1,000,000x)
  • “max” button so we don’t always have to enter a number, on most fields.
  • All queues should have a repeat option
  • The ability to sort planets by name (also remember said sorting when you come back to it)
  • Should be able to demolish any structures on a planet.
  • Cannot see the new mail/news indicator very well on top right of screen
  • Cannot see which items are new/old in the main list.
  • Need a read all button for news/mail, as having to scroll through pages to clear the flags is annoying.
  • Radar should be under it’s own tab, instead of having to go look at multiple different pages.
  • Ships in ship yard should have the option to be brought into combat automatically, or wait to be assigned to fleets.

Some of these are brought in from my post last round, some of them are new. Didn’t have much time this weekend so just dumping it to one post.

That’s a lotta notes, just a couple of things:

Absolutely, added this to the trello (it’s something I ran into multiple times).

That one is somewhat intentional, things can disappear from the queue and the state can completely change during a turn update. Allowing manipulation at that point can (and will) have unintended side effects… With that said, I can do some basic checks on the queue to see if the top item would have completed, and re-enable the options if it hasn’t.

That was an intentional decision, it used to auto-refresh, but caused problems for people trying to do things… maintaining the full ‘state’ of a page is also tricky. With that said, this will likely come with the UI rewrite, as it’ll be easier to manage a lot of things in javascript and just update the display.

Alliance being missing was a bug (this is fixed in the dev build currently), planet counts is a little trickier from a dev perspective, because of the large number of lookups which would need to be done (I could look into caching this, but doing the counts during the turn update would potentially add a short delay, and I’d need a new table structure to store the data).

I’ll peg that one for the UI update, it does make sense.

Yeah, looks like this same bug breaks fleet queues as well, I’ll double check the transfer behaviour, and make sure all that can be transferred gets transferred, and no errors occur.

I’ve already got that one on my list, need to show queue position, as well as how long until the research is available.

Can you provide examples of this? I’ve either missed this, or not experienced it.

This happened to me, no idea wtf happened or how (assumed I was tired and ■■■■■■ something up), will likely need to find a way to reproduce.

This one involves killing pop, which is why it’s not available to some structures, I’ll be looking into getting this fixed though.

Yea, we’re looking into radar, and it’s general usefulness currently, it’ll likely get its own page, but will need at least some filters there to drown out some noise.

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I believe I’ve seen something similar where transferring IS and soldiers from one fleet to the other didnt work properly. I had IS in the other too, which initially only loaded some soldiers there, next i could move some IS over, some soldiers again, etc. It didnt work to just select all and transfer right away.