Alpha 3 : My few thoughts

Because, of course, everybody wants to know what I think about everything. I thought about posting about Brexit, but decided to go after the current alpha anyway. If you disagree with anything below, you will be destroyed during the next round. And the one after.

  • Integrated comms page: I know it’s been requested since the Roman empire, but when I’ll control the entire galaxy, having to open 64 comms page is just crazy. I understand that being active must be rewarded, but that’s not activity, that’s just annoying. It’s like requiring that every player produces his own electricity with a bicycle while playing.

  • Repeat queue for buildings/shipyard: Please, please, please. It’s already implemented for cargo ships. I’m pretty sure it can be done for other queues as well.

  • Pop growth : Not sure about the solution to this one, but it’s just too slow. The pace of the game and the needs grows faster than pop can be produced. I’m not sure the absolute (instead of proportional) approach is good… Maybe just increase the food output of the buildings? Don’t know, but too slow.

  • Travel times: In the old game, I had 6 turns to intercept an incoming to my planet from another system, and 3 turns to setup intercept with my alliance mates (with JG/HB). Now, it’s down to 4 and 2 respectively. Not enough. Interceptions are pretty much the main thing that makes alliance-play fun. It needs to be encouraged while being balanced (re: rewarding the activity). If it’s not possible to perform alliance strategies, then it becomes a single-player game. This is called masturbat1on (Yeah, I needed to make a typo to avoid the stupid censorship :)). (Although I suspect some alliances to do that as a group as well, but let’s not go there until the first round, right?)

  • Invasion/predrops: Major flaw here. Not being able to specify the number of soldiers for an invasion/predrop. The total number of soldiers is used. So for example, think of a target requiring 55k sols. I provide 50k as predrop, my teamate provides 5k to finish the job. While flying, the planet owner simply loads 100k from his planet, taking it down to 45k sols required. I can no longer help my teamate and must take the planet myself. Again, nothing to encourage alliance play.

  • Players profile: clicking on the name of a player leads to nowhere. Need profile page!

  • New “mineral” ship?: Checking the ship costs, I feel like there is some kind of balance issues in terms of resources required to build them. Only two ships require significant mineral, while 4 require significant metal. So new ship, or maybe rebalancing the costs? But then I fear the battle system might need to be tweaked accordingly (so that “cost kill” is somehow related to the ship cost)

Of course these are the suggestions/flaws I noticed. The game seems to be in a rather good shape so far. Just to make sure I don’t sound like I’m just complaining without enjoying what works.

P.S. Yes, of course I was talking about Galactic Police. But there are other alliances as well.


Very good points.
I’m not too sure about the population growth rate though. It’s not something I remember being a thing. I just know that instead of being greedy and doing more land reclamations for more mines, I start orbital clearings to build more habitats. This usually yields me extra population to put in Traders in order to unload on newly invaded planets.

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Also, about interceptions. It is not possible now for me to intercept an in-system attack against one of my planets from outside system. Used to have at least 3 turns to do that.

I am all against boosting defense against offense, but defense should still be possible, if only for the sake of ships battle :slight_smile:

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Also another thing that annoys me: load/unload instructions for ships take a full turn on their own. Used to be that load/unload AND movement were processed in the same turn.

If I was doing it manually, I would be able to do it all in a single turn. Should be the same even if prequeued.

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I agree with Whilibarj’s points, especially the travel times and the “custom” invasions are a problem.

Furthermore, I noticed that you cannot destroy habitats and living quarters which I find a bit annoying.

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I really dislike how the queue forces the load/unload to take a full turn on their own as well, however it is possible to micromanage the transfer of resources in real-time between the fleet and the planet, it’s just as when you transfer ships into a new empty fleet from the planet they were built.
That also means you should remove and re-add whatever you need in the queue (for example: if you loaded materials, you remove that from the queue and you re-add it to the end of the queue).

I just hope we get it back to how it was originally, there’s no benefit to the player having the load and unload using up turns.

Many thoughts, many things…

Integrated Radar page is coming (Scans will still be done from a planet), loads of people have been requesting it for a while, should probably add it.

Repeat buttons? Heathen! I don’t think there’s specially anything stopping me from adding that in, at least in theory, might need to find a nicer way to represent it though.

Pop growth, definitely needs a look at, probably wont see much of a change before the beta (if any), but it’s on the radar.

Travel times will be tweaked, they were kept short due to accelerating the alphas for testing.

Invasion / Pre-drops are complicated, I do understand the desire for them, many people have expressed it at this point, it’s a difficult issue to fix because actions on the engine side don’t support ‘attributes’ yet (example here, solider count). I’m looking into the possibility of creating / splitting fleets above a hostile planet initially, just to mitigate this somewhat until the parameter handling is complete (this will fix planet rename issues as well).

Player profile page has obviously been low priority in favour of game features, it’s something that’s coming though, with small amounts of customisation, and fancy graphs.

Adding ships at this point is obviously inadvisable, so we wont see too much balancing in that area at least for the beta, but will certainly double check the costs and balancing of resources.


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