Alpha: blockade don't work

When there is an enemy fleet on orbit and there are ships on the ground

currently I was able to create fleet and move them away without a battle

I’m not sure how I feel about this one, I’d argue it’s not a bug, but am welcome to discussion.

It kind of don’t make sense.Then you only blockade inbound traffic. If you have warfleet blockading then you can build transport ships and move all your stuff away.

What happens when you invade the planet then Frosty?

I feel like finished ships should join the fight straight away. If you’re able to hdie ships on the surface, they would be destroyed once invaded? I assume.

Yes they get destroyed on invasion. I’m in dubionabout whether or not I like this or not. blockades can wreck a game quite hard for a specific player, having the option to move out unseen at the risk of losing it upon invasion seems a fair deal somehow. Except for the freighters and traders holding pop in shipyard but thats another discussion.

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