Another building queue bug

Soo… I finally reached the almost out-of-space on one of my lovely planets. Nothing in the Queue…

Time to spam some habitats:

2 free space - 4 habitats …

If I remove just one, the queue normalizes:

Similar story:

Did you button mash to get the results in multiple times before the queue realised, or does this also occur with a 2 sec wait between click?

Just to get a possible direction of where it goes wrong, not saying the game shouldnt be able to handle it either way.

It was a “button mash”/spam. But it is acheivable by hand without focusing. I’ve left the buildings in the queue. I’ll see in 12 hrs how it goes (will report at that point).

Curious if it will actually build tho ;p

It wont build…

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Can confirm :slight_smile:

All good!

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I think this is a fastest finger job, where the page ‘waits’ to get confirmation before processing the request, the pre-queue code doesn’t trigger when adding things to the queue to ensure the queue is valid, so it’ll just run the button a few times…