Beta Concluded - Looking Forward

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta this weekend, all the feedback has been relatively positive which is encouraging… Just a couple of quick thoughts…

I forgot that I had dropped the new combat code into this test (in fact, it was originally the entire point of the test), so I’ll be reviewing some of the results from there.

Combat Score seems pretty broken right now, not only is it seemingly miscalculating the scores, but it’s also giving the score to random people who weren’t involved in the specific fights, I’m gonna need to spend some time tracking those down.

There has been an increase in ‘mutual destruction’ battles, looking at the code and numbers, combat DOES appear to be working in the way it’s supposed too, but there are some interesting idiosyncrasies in the way it’s configured that are causing these results. I’m going to do a post mortem post on the Drawing Board to discuss these, and how I may need to make changes going forward.

Hopefully once these are sorted, we can move to a full beta, prior to release, I’ll let you know in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks again for the testing!