Bubbly Belligerence

This is a desperate time for the LaCroixBoyz.

From the beginning, alliances have declined our refreshing, low-cal beverage in favor of something called X-Beer … Outraged, we met with these rowdy rulers and skeptically tried their mysterious brew. We began to feel strange but…good. Really good. The night became a blur of hydroponic junk food, battleship joyrides, reckless land reclamations… :beers:

The next morning we awoke in excruciating pain, made worse by the blinding Light coming from our neighbors. We pleaded with them, but they insisted their Squadron needed to run maneuvers.

We have no choice. Our very survival is at stake. If we are to make it through this hangover, we need to shut off the Light.

LaCroixBoyz and X-Beer declare war on Squadron of Light.


Isnt this essentially a beverage fight as well?


Have fun and hopefully this comes down to ships, not forums, down in flames.


Boy are we popular this round :slight_smile:
GL and HF guys.


GL and HF boys!


It’s a compliment :kissing_heart: Best of luck!


That pileup that both sides did in 5.21 was interesting to watch

Have fun everyone ! And may the Light be the winner of this war !


That was a nice crashing of fleets :grin:

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wow, nice fight

We’re in the midst of a large S0L assault on the planets we’ve taken so far. Great way to end the round.

A couple more reports, going back and forth. It’s been a fun couple of days. Hope everyone is enjoying the end of the round :slight_smile:

S0L takes back several planets, offering only combat score as a consolation. Tried to buy new ships with my combat score - no luck :slightly_frowning_face: