Bug: Cargo capacity

Not sure this is the wanted behavior (And actually hope not), but the “worth ratios” of the resources seems to be taken into account into the capacity of the cargo.

For example, metal would take 1 “space unit”, and mineral 2.

Agree this makes calculating storage and capacity requirements really tricky - frosty said he was going to implement a ‘storage’ meter to show how full a fleet is.

It does seem overly complicated to have a resource taking up 1.x units of space rather than everything having a standard value of 1.

I can definitely change and tweak this easily, it was mostly done so that the ‘worth’ of resources was taken into account when transporting goods, with that said, in an ideal world, each resource should be as valuable as the next, which would remove the need for such limitations.

It’s something that’s going to go into the post-alpha discussions.

I’ve changed this so that all resources have a storage space of 1, and workers have 2, should simplify things a bit.