CCPC declare war to CMT

Dear CMT Leader / Darkgalaxy community

We all in CCPC love this game, and we believe this is not a farming one. Said that, seeing Alliances that have not entered into real, proper war yet fills our hearts with both sadness and anger. Therefore, we have concluded this must not be tolerated, and we have decided to DECLARE WAR to CMT, to confirm they are worthy.

Let the war begin!


Short, sweet and to the point. Love it!

Gl; hf

A nice even fight. Good arguments. A solid 9/10.

HF and GL!!

Keep the goof fight!

Dear Solganor, dear Members of the Alliance CCPC (whatever that means),
it fills my heart with joy that there are still brave men out there in the galaxy who are willing to pursuit such noble causes as bringing war to agonisingly boring players and their dull peacefull planets. What a distinguished way to proof your worth. I am very proud of you because no one else will be.
Be well and I hope no one will provide you with a towel and a guide when the larger Alliances will built a hyperspatial express route through your systems.

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May I see some kind of frustration on you post? Did we do anything wrong with facing a same size alliance to start a war and have some fun?

Maybe you prefer a peaceful galaxy to grow up your planets…if that is the case, just state it clear to the whole community and we will leave you in peace

Dear community, after a week of war, CCPC and CMT have agreed to put an end to it and have signed a NAP for the rest of the round, leaving each other to their own business.

Good luck to the whole CMT team