´CCPC declares war against dishonorable DE members

In CCPC, apart of hating farming as a lifestyle for this game, we are also against injustice and dishonorable acts.

Lately, we have suffered what we consider an unacceptable behaviour, and it cannot remain unpunished.

For this reason, CCPC declare war against Mehtevas and Aust10, and any other DE members that try to help them against us.

We hope next time, they consider twice before interfering someone else business.

Probably this war will destroy all our fleets and maybe we will not get much, but at least we finish the round doing what we think is right for the good of the community and their values.


Thats cute :slight_smile:

My heart is divided

We extend DOW to Thortwall, CR1, Cracker and Saiyan, this is getting harder :rofl: :rofl:


Wait, there is another one coming next turn ^^

You didn’t expect us to sit idle did you…

Of course I didnt, the fight was too balanced for them to try, better call Big Daddy for help :wink:

No resentment, just some fun to finish off this round, hope next one we catch it on time to start in turn 1 and we can face you if the galaxy and diplomacy dictates that


Haha good sports. :heart::heart::sparkling_heart: All the best!

CCCP is attacking the Rednecks…usually I would have waved for CCCP, the old leftist I am, but this is Family Business :wink:

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what the hell, DE is ■■■■■■■■■■ :octopus:

What in the holy heck.

Dumb redneck here feeling left out. Coming in hot with my trusty old rusty pickup. YeeHaww…and stuff lol

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Some BRs for the community, before our time in Gal 1 finish :upside_down_face:

CCPC - 4
DE - 0

We rather stop the count now :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

Nice try. Too bad not everybody likes fair fights :wink: