CCPC vs CoG. DOW Gal.6

The CCPC Alliance would like to inform you that the Children of Gerf (CoG) have been very naughty and have sent a coordinated attack to two of our planets in Galaxy 6. Therefore we have decided to punish their bad behaviour by grounding them. Their planets, their resources and their fleets will be confiscated until they say they are sorry publicly, in front of the whole Dark Galaxy community.


Have fun and break some ships and soldiers!


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Well…we just didnt want to wait.

I was thinking that DG allows only one account per family. But now I will put my money on Children of Gerf :slight_smile:

On behalf of my children, and most solemnly myself, please accept my apology.
We can not match your strength. We will no longer interfere in CCPC affairs.


Please PM me on discord if you wish to discuss conditions of our surrender.

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That was fast

jajajaajajaja that was funny