Children of Gerf declare war to X-Beer

The Children of Gerf can no longer abide X-Beer’s presence within Galaxy 6. These disgusting “beverage warlords” have no rightful place here.

Prepare to yield your lands to the children.


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GL and HF!!
Lets c some BR"!

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I will definetly post one BR…as they went after my attacking fleet :slight_smile: fingers crossed I win :smiley:

S0L + Children of Gerf powerblock - conspiracy!

Good luck Children, have fun!
/me waves X-Beer flag!

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No conspiracy…we were just bored and didnt want to pick on small ones in our Gal…or to big ones…where is fun in that

Leason of the day…Don’t build BS…Destroyers lead the charge and destroyed it all…well at least I got 1mil combat points :slight_smile: Well fought XBR!

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