Combat Comparisons

There has obviously been some discussion on combat and how battles appear to be ending with some dispute on what people think it should be like.

I still have the RWS battle calc for the old code along with OPA’s calc. The OPA calc is probably had a little more work on but both are comparable so I will be using the RWS one for now.

To start off one from Phaedrus

I will accept any requests for other battles if you pm them to me, if there is a reasonable number or post here and I will edit the previous results in.

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A larger battle from Q


One from earlier in the Alpha and possibly more representative of actual battles.

Before meeting (2005) DG I played Orion’s Belt.
The combat system of this game was pure strategy like chess, where a smaller fleet could do damage to a larger one if played well.
The combat system of DG was never well understood by the players as it gave somewhat random results, sometimes in very similar fleets while one was completely destroyed the other was left with half the ships.

The Orion’s Belt combat system is still functional at the link below for those who want to try it.
(it can be a little complicated at first because each unit has a certain type of movement)