Current Status - 2nd October

Happy October everyone, I’m here with a general update on what’s been going on behind the scenes since the last alpha.

Firstly, as always, a massive thanks to everyone who participated in the alpha, lots of stuff done, lots of stuff fixed, and everything far smoother than I was expecting! The list of remaining issues on the trello is getting smaller, with a few of them being more visual cues rather than glaring bugs, so here’s the main stuff that’s been done.

Combat Score has finally been added (this required a chunk of rewriting of the scoring part of the engine, but it’s been taken care of now), so your battles in future will have some meaning. There are still a few things which need to be done on scoring in general, and how it’s represented in-game (currently CS is a completely separate scoreboard, and I’d prefer a unified scoreboard), but for now we’re it’s at least being calculated, logged and accessible.

The bug reported by @thedtrain which was causing some odd combat results has been corrected. It only really affected a very small edge case, and at most prevented a single ship per-group from fully firing all it’s shots.

All the new mail functionality has been implemented server-side, they support multi-participant threads, with per-message ‘read’ statuses for players. Work has begun on plumbing it into the front-end and should hopefully be at least in a prototype state relatively soon.

As far as balancing is concerned, everything is feeling pretty good right now, simply changing the targeting order of units has produced generally better results, with that said, there are still a couple of changes which are required. A few people pointed out that things like Battleships felt a little weak. Doing some research, testing and number crunching, I’ve realised that the pre-requisite requirements, along with the worker / time aren’t fully taken into consideration as far as the strength of units are concerned. So I’m going to be looking a way to factor these in to the calculations without upsetting balance too much.

Moving forward, after mail is taken care of, I’ll be giving the Alliances section a full overhaul. This should include adding forums, custom titles / ranks / permissions, a ‘Front Page’ MOTD visible to members, the ability to ‘Tag’ planets on nav, sharing of news / scans, better management of invites / requests etc. As well as a cleaner presentation of data, hopefully it wont take too long to to plan out and put together, but I’ll keep you all updated.

For now, there aren’t any plans to run a new alpha due to the lack of major gameplay changes, we’re likely going to move towards a beta phase once I’ve gotten the basics of the new features implemented. This will likely have 5-10 minute turns, and go through the course of a week, during which I’ll work on finalising things in preparation for the first round.

Until next week!