Current Status (4th August)

With the launching of the forums, I guess now is as good a time as any to start providing progress reports (hopefully weekly).

The main development work is currently focused on porting code from 6 years ago into a more modern web framework, while I was planning a large amount of code cleanup, and basic API support, I’ve realised that it’s an impractical objective at this point in time. Time at the moment would be better served providing a functional game, and proceeding from there.

Currently I’m focusing on rendering pages, and ensuring they all make sense from a general user perspective, the planets list is done:

As well as the basic structures for viewing a planet…

There are still some display tweaks to do (make the tabs work, for example, create breadcrumbs etc.)

I’ve also been putting time into working on easy to use Administration tools. While these wont be seen by you guys, they allow me to quickly manipulate the game state without having to spend a lot of time building specialised web pages or options, leaving more time to work on the game.

So just a little fun behind-the-scenes thing.

I’ll trying and keep this forum up-to-date with various progressions as we move towards a functioning game. Still no ETA just yet, but things are moving at pace!

Until next week.


I know many people have offered assistence, perhaps you’re not in need of any. However it might be an idea to post specific help requests where people with the correct skillset can respond to support you where needed.

Doing it all alone is quite tough I reckon. Just a thought.

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Nice job, I can’t wait to start playing again

Great suggestion saiyan

You’d be surprised how quickly things are moving along now, scrapping the initial API related plans and just porting code to the new framework is quite quick now all the session related items are out the way… For example, since this post yesterday, I have completed the fleet view page:

As well as the transfer screens:

So general progression is happening quite quickly…

With that said, I’m going to end up consulting with a few people on some design areas, a few of the pages could use a touchup to make them a little clearer. My priority at the moment is to get all the functionality in, and pass the game out for testing first though.


If you need help with coding let me know :slight_smile: i can spend a few hours for a comeback of this game.

Since that post 6 hours ago I’ve done nav and research… :stuck_out_tongue:


If you did that much in 6hrs then you must have a completed game by now :wink:

Most of the way there, only a couple more pages to do… then some plumbing… The day job has gotten in the way a little bit though :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job … lets us know what we can help , would even contribue with donations if it would help to have this game again

Thanks for all your work

Get fired. I can write a fire-recommendation letter if you need it.

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“Employee has severe issues with deliverables due dates”.