Current Status, Stardate: Yesterday (1st September)

I’m here with your weeklyish update on the current status and progress being made on the side of Dark Galaxy!

Last week was a relatively quiet one, with the completion of the alpha, and review / reorganisation of the bugs and issues which have been reported, and trying to work out the best ways to approach some of them. Again, a huge thanks to everyone who participated.

Work on the storage issues (related to Freighters and Traders) has been completed, the “If it fits, I sits” approach to storage has been replaced with some slightly more stringent checks on whether stuff is supposed to sit there, meaning that pop no longer take up residence on ships which are currently in the shipyard. There are also checks to make sure that pop / resources transferred with ships get placed where they’re supposed to be. There are likely a few bugs with this, but I’ll likely run a pre-alpha specifically for checking this.

Additionally, the Galaxy Layout has been fixed properly (whoops), but in addition, movement times are now a little more flexible (I can have different in-system travel times separate from system->system travel times), so there will be some travel time tweaking coming up. Along with this, I’m hoping to limit radar to only display activity in your system, so alliances will need to communicate more.

Speaking of Alliances, an issue has been created for an entire overhaul of the alliance system based on general feedback of the community. I’m hoping to allow sharing of reports, alliance forums, ‘tagging’ other alliances, alliance ‘blurbs’ for prospective new members, as well as a couple of other bits. They’re not coming immediately, but are all planned.

Outside of that, some Quality of Life fixes have been done, News filtering is now possible (based on report type, or location), planet filtering has been fixed, remove movement options from the fleets page if a fleet is empty, transfer target dropdown is fixed, news pagination has been fixed, as well as a couple more.

I’m hoping to start work on other engine-side stuff in the next couple of days, moving towards another alpha potentially in a couple of weeks, watch this space, and I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time, stay Frosty.


Frosty, you’re a beast.
Keep up the good work!
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