Custom scripts (UI fixes and improvements)

The past few days I started writing a small Javascript which makes minor quality of life changes. Apparently I am not even the only one, since other people in the community were writing similar stuff already.

That script is being injected into the game’s web interface by Tampermonkey plugin. I am considering that all the functionality that I’ve implemented so far to be minor UI fixes and improvements which are not breaking game rules, are in the spirit of the game and are not giving unfair advantage to anyone. I even contacted @FrostyCoolSlug who checked out a small snippet and approved the idea overall.

So far the features I implemented are as following:

  1. Colorizes friendly alliances player names and alliance tags
  2. Player name tags are now having onclick event which will open the /mail/ system with predefined recipient
  3. Mail system now supports TO variable which if set would set the recipient
  4. Cancelling the top building/ship/soldier which is being built at the moment now requires confirmation
  5. Implements planet navigation with ARROW KEYS (left and right) in building overview
  6. Implements system navigation with ARROW KEYS (left and right) in galaxy and sector navigation
  7. Implements switching through fleets with ARROW KEYS (left and right)
  8. Show all population in the planet list and planet details page, not just available population
  9. Sorts comms in the radar section based on turns

There are already other people who wrote their own versions of minor fixes and improvements. In the spirit of collaboration I would suggest to add your ideas here, so the game developers can review those and implement them in the core (most of those will be much more easy to be implemented in the actual interface instead of parsing ■■■■ all over the place :scream: )

Link to to he current version: GitHub

P.S> Really?


One more thing - I would kill for a public API which would provide basic information like current turn, providing data for planet ownership by coordinates and so on for external bots for stuff like Discord and similar scripts.

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Xnks man!! Collaboration is always welcomed!!