Dalaran Commonwealth Declaration of War vs. 1.33.7

As we have proven Our Wisdom and tenacity, in building great fleets for War, to use for Honor, Wisely, Courageously and Brotherly, we have yet to see an Evil worthy of Our attention. Life has been plentiful, and Our neighbours graceful, but we see… A great War has been raging in Galaxy 1, where countless battles have been fought. The galaxy is teeming with old Enemies, as well as old friends of the Dalaran Commonwealth, as Our history of the Ancient Wars we fought in the name of the Greater Good still resounds in the memory of those who have not dared to stand against us – and where we have not found anyone asking nor seeming to be in need of Our help, as Our Galaxy 5 has been quite peaceful, and we have seen little of other galaxies to know where to go…

So we turn to our fading memory, where we during the Founding Round of the Dalaran Commonwealth did see many battles fighting against the almost overpowering forces of… Was it the Squadron of Light? Or the Reservoir Dogs? Or was it the Romanian Federation? (Or maybe it was the Second Round that we fought SoL with RoF as our allies… Memory fades…) And as Our ancient archives of old are long lost, not even memory is certain… Who is Our enemies?

But, as atrocities are being done in the greatest of galaxies, and all Evil needs to be successful, is for the fighters of Good to do nothing, we will venture on a Crusade now in the End of Times and let our Cannons Roar!

We do not truly know the histories of the wars in the central galaxy, so we cannot be certain who is truly Our enemy – so we hence issue forth a Challenge: The Dalaran Commonwealth declare War upon the planet with the cords 1.33.7 that is currently held by RoF. Any Evil who dares to challenge Our entry in the battlefield are welcome to face us there, where we will show them the True and Righteous Strength of the Dalaran Commonwealth!

Long Live the Fighters!

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Or in short: As I am ranked #1 and second in command is #2, we hereby offer an alternative for the party at 1.1.1 - Anyone who wants to try their mettle against the Player Ranking leaders (and see if they can take us down a peg or two) are welcome to join at the alternative site for the Duel of the Dalaran Commonwealth vs. the Evil of Galaxy 1 - at 1.33.7

Just scan the planet and send in the fleets you have if you want to join in - we launch now at Midnight (game time)!

Awesome game, Zebmeister. You earned that #1. :partying_face:
Oh, and Welcome to the forum!