Dark Empire presents: Butbinkiscounted

“Sir, the sector reports are getting in!”
“Ok, lets’ see - all are bored, I understand”

Saiyan: “We received a message from a damsel in distress!!! Urgent action required!”
Sunset: “Let us be the knights in shiny armor rescuing the beauty!!”
TheCurse: “Need more planets. Mineral. Beauty has no planets. Need planets!”
Saiyan: “Lets rescue the beauty and take planets from those attacking her!”
Qester: “I am in System 15 - WHERE ARE YOU ALL???”
TheCurse: “Attackers have planets? Need Mineral! Need more planets!”
Sunset: “I just finished another million soldiers!”
Cracker: “Focus guys! We need to rescue the beauty!!”
ArcaneEternal: “Thats some romanian dudes? Geez, they are ugly!”
Pro314: “Lol I need more frigs I thought I had more butbinkiscounted”
Sunset: “I played the whole beta of DG, and all I got was butbinkiscounted”

BTW: Some part of DE declares war on BORG.
All phone lines are disconnected. No leg humping please.
Pepe, we still love you!


YEEEEI ! :smiley: and now we are waiting for scru MELTDOWN ! tick tock tick tock …

goodluck, have fun

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cowards…at least say wich one of you its attacking us to plan our defense.

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I want that for the record.
Defense rests


Ohhh guys! I know u love me… everybody loves Pepe! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


vamos todavia!!!

One more that joins the party.
Of course you are welcome.-
I hope you won’t be offended if I don’t have so much war fleet left to raid …

Let get the soldiers movingggggggggg LOL

GL to that team from DE!
An honor to fight against you.-


so, if the high table from DE is the one in charge, would you be so nice to leave and form another alliance just for this war?
Or you need the extra benefits from the other guys?

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How does it feel?

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Like playing diablo III top inferno difficulty…
Who is that damsel u talk about? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

what are you implying… lol

Maybe in 4/5 days, i can star sleeping again… LOL

so are you saying that RoF called DE for help, the same way you assure Borg asked UP?

That would mean that all the sarcastic comments about borg are also applied to RoF?

and that DE has some strange footballistic love deviations???

You don’t actually belive that? I know you’re a smart guy :wink:

  1. We attacked UP.
  2. The next day we DOWed BORG
  3. Your leader asked the whole server to attack us.
  4. VOC attacked us.
  5. BORG RETREATED the war lying WE asked for a nap, when we didn’t. Ingus aproached me to leave you alone and I said ok.
  6. You farmed 5 days, we let you in system 54 with huge fleets cos we signed a peace treathy, and without any furthure notice you rain us.
  7. I am happy this happend, cos Q and Paul refuse to fight you, we even had an argument about this, and the first guy who you invaded was Q… that says alot. Have fun and die fast.
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Its like a mexican soap opera!! …


Portuguese power on! Come on Blitzy!! (DE is not really my thing since 2005…)
Damm you for having me awake at 5 am…

Vaccum rests…


Welcome to the community ^^ The forums told me to tell you this :slight_smile:


Thanks dude!!! :grin:

That was that whillibarj said… :man_shrugging:
Can you believe that?

Seems like I said alot of stuff with those 4 words :male_detective:


Ohhh you know you did… :smirk:

I’m that good. I know so much stuff that I don’t even know about it myself. That’s second-level wisdom here.