Dark Empire vs Romanian Federation

For the greater good:

Romanian Federation and Dark Empire hereby declare war on each other.

We will show the community, that this is still a game and that in every game there are winners and losers. Without the need to go at each others throats.

A code of conduct is agreed upon - that includes, that if any other alliance or single players sees the time to come to act as vultures, ROF and DE will immediately turn on any intruder into this friendly war together.

This agreement is scheduled at turn 650,

ROF will cease assaults on WP & VoC within 24 hours.
DE will cease assaults on SOL within 24 hours. (last hostile turn 551)

ROF and DE out.


Now, I want clean fight! Tractor vs tractor, may be some bts as well! No multying, no account hacking, no spying, no kidnapping other team’s family members! Also anyone seen demolishing buildings will be put on a newly introduced hall of shame.

GL everyone :slight_smile: And may the eastern European ally win :smiley:

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No pictures in a DoW? Fake news :grin:

As the official spokesperson of RoF I say that this is unfair!

SORRY everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


What a deja vuu…and I feel 10 years younger :slight_smile:

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Thats why we did that all ^^ We all want to feel younger again

Didn’t we try this before? SORRY if I don’t remember correctly… it’s been 15 years.

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Powering up the battle tractor…

but we are wiser :slight_smile: the war will go like this, I can already make a profecy how this war will go and how it will end :slight_smile:

initial DE advantages:
+25% war fleet more than RoF
2/5 of DE planets well defended in the fire of RoF and 3/5 DE planets in the inner gals low defended focused on output out of reach for RoF
+20% more output
+30% more soldiers

initial ROF advantages

  • smarter and sexier, longer d… ofc
  • a core of fully secured systems

step 1: DE will launch first attack at turn 639 to one of the core RoF systems. RoF war fleets will expect this and will intercept DE and kill with 25% more than lose, after the massive battle DE wf will be about the same size ith RoF wf

  • in the same time with DE attack, RoF will rain many DE planets from the inner galaxies, the outcome -40planets for DE in the inner galaxies

step2: a long trenchee atrition war in g1, DE will start lo lose mojo and one after other will quit the round

turn 1680: RoF will win but the remaining 78 DE planets in G1 will be heavy bunkered and nobody will want to invade them

I bet 5 beers on my prediction. And I bet another 10 beers than Dow Jones will go down with 30% until October :slight_smile:


and we are all still plaing from the same net cafe…ofc

Ik with you on the DOW prediction :joy:

Doubt we’ll see turn 1600 in this beta tbh. :slight_smile:

Turn 1100 De with 82 planets … none of wich owned by cracker

Thats quite possible, Necro ^^

prediction 2: Rof in 120 planets … Cracker still no presence in G1 .

All praiser Master Q… I REALLY WANT TO TRY YOUR DRUGS :kissing_heart:

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you didnt count with EsRi in your calculations :stuck_out_tongue:


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You’ll join them and you are also good as dead, if we look at Q’s prediction :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Turn 1600 is coming… fear it😂

cuts eggplant with a metal knife

Ya, you like that? Huh? makes barbarian sounds or whatever the hell I’m supposed to do now

Anyways. Should be fun. I’m doing the pepper recipe tomorrow. If I get food poisoning I’ll know ya’ll are the real heroes of the long play.

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Are you at war with SoL as well? Because they’re the same thing, they’re each other’s ■■■■■■■.