Dark Galaxy Update - 20th June 2021

Well, it’s been a while… My last post was a few months ago, and I’m finally at the point where we can proceed again…

The good news is, I’m back at work, so finally have that separation between my home dev space and my office space… Hopefully everyone is doing well during these uncertain times, I’ve lost people due to the current status of the world, hopefully everyone is doing a little better, if you’re not, my condolences to you all.

For DG, there’s been a lot of trepidation as to how the game is going to proceed, and I do appreciate how difficult things have been for the last few months… I’m posting this to say that it’s not dead. As I mentioned in my previous posts I have no intention of letting this game, or anything behind it die.

My current intent is to run a speedgame in a couple of weeks time, prior to running a full 3 month game afterwards, I’m hoping this game will be the last ‘beta’ before I start running full games again, starting with treesa.darkgalaxy.com.

There’s been a lot of feedback in regards to things like combat, and how it ‘should’ work, and I’m very much open to hearing peoples suggestions. Once the first round is running, I’ll release publicly a framework that would allow those dev inclined to write some code that shows how combat could be better.

When it’s all said and done, to an extent, I’ve been ignoring existing players in favor of increasing the player count, but I’m self-aware enough to admit that might have been the wrong approach, for DG to ever really grow, those of you who have held out for a decade to see this happen need to ultimately be involved in the forward development of the game. It’s complicated, there are conflicts of interest abound, but looking to potentially grow the development base (I know several people have expressed concerns that I’m the only one doing this, especially with the last 6+ months of no progress), and I’m looking into ways to resolve that, just bear with me for now.

I’ll be honest, I was always hoping DG would be something that can consume peoples time during lock downs, sitting in your houses, etc. I hold the fact that didn’t happen entirely on myself, I have my own excuses, and I wish things had progressed a little better… But I’m sure people can see the complications which have caused the delay.

However, the delay is now over, I’m finally pushing forward, and hopefully everyone will push with me. For a basic game, we’re close… the last test showed that food actually worked, and the game is close to a good game again. I ask that you join me, wait for the formal announcement, and we can get this god damn game running again (and enjoy the general hate from everyone who loses :p).

Take Care!