DE Postal Delivery for Rof

Fellow comrades and compatriots, it has come to our attention that our airspace has been compromised by a society of wooden spoon cutting pepper eaters.
We want you all to be assured our postal service hurriedly delivered a message from our HQ, seriously denouncing such actions.
For full clarity, the message was sent and received.

YouNoNoBads. That’s it. That’s the message.

We shall now all carry on about our business as usual, for we trust such eloquently written words can surely be taken as seriously as our HQ considers this intrusion.

Oh…ya…bourbons for all, bar’s open.


Right. That’ll teach them, those rascals! :roll_eyes:

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wtf is this, such ■■■■■■ fleets !! Team Necro will be punished !!!

YES! I recommend XXS condoms for them! Chicky lads! That’s a NoNo of monumental proportions…