Discussion: Resources transfer

I understand the idea behind not being able to recover the stockpile of resources on a planet after invasion (avoid farming off inactives), but that prevents a player from helping another one. In the past, I would dump a load of resources on a planet and allow someone to invade it to allow him to recover from an attack, or simply to catch up after a period of inactivity. There is no way to do this anymore. Imho, being able to do that enhances the collaboration/alliance gameplay.

Not sure what would be an elegant solution to this… A dedicated kind of cargo ship that could unload resources on planets you do not own (obviously not including soldiers/workers/ships)? Being able to take a limited quantity of resources on an invaded planet? Can’t think of a very clean solution at the moment…

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Proposal: orbital structure, Trading Post. If another player’s fleet is over your planet after a battle, the fleet controller can put to & take from what’s in the TP. Since you built it, and it’s your planet, so can you. :thinking:

Can this be abused somehow?

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I sure hope so :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On trade post. If it was just on allied planets it would be questionable but would go towards being able to share resources without needing to drop planets for someone.

If it was over hostile planets it seems a bad idea to have. Example. Oh hi newbie I see you have a trade post, let’s see what you’ve got, oops I killed your few ships and destroyed 90% of your pop and taken everything in your trade post that you put in so you can’t rebuild.

If you can think of a good way to use them make a separate post about it as a suggestion.

Then maybe make it an orbital building (the Trade Post I mean)? This way, the planet owner could queue the transfer and pick himself the target cargo fleet orbiting his planet? As such, the resources owner would be the only one in control of the transfer.

How about, sorry about those ships I killed but if you leave me X resources, I won’t’ invade.

I see more strategy/politics than abuse here :slight_smile:

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