Feature Request: Structure Filters

On the view planet screen.

Right where “Available Structures” is labeled, are you able to add filters? By default everything is “ticked” on. People can tick off things they do not want to see and tick them back on again.

For example there can be a category for the resources, military buildings, 1-time buildings, and/or land/orbital structures…etc

As the game is, it isn’t that complicated to go through the options, but for example between farms, hydroponics, leisure/hospitals there is a lot of structures in between that aren’t related to workers or worker capacity. It would be good to have a filter system to collapse unrelated structures. It makes managing +12 planets so much easier since one would not have to spend too much time on each one. And if a expansion on structures is to come out I kind of see how it must be implemented. (Being able to sort/rank available, even completed, buildings by their resource cost/generation would come in handy too).

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I agree with this. It drives me crazy that I have to scroll down a little to build a Habitat on planets where I didn’t build the Heavy Weapons Factory, while the Living Quarters is still in sight because I have my browser set to 110% zoom. I’m not bothered by the old mines and farms, since I never scroll past the Habitat after a few hundred turns of colonisation, so hiding rarely used buildings like Comms Satellite, Holo Generator, Resource Converter, Orbital Clearing, etc. from the list like collapsing a tree branch on Windows Explorer is a pretty nice idea.