Feature - Ships in Ship Yard

Something that has been mentioned elsewhere.

Unloaded ships, should they fight or not, should you be able to create a fleet with a hostile in orbit, should the ships be kept with invasions.

Have to say I am not sure on this one.

Ships not fighting hurts people who are genuinely inactive more than those that are active and ideally we want people playing actively as much as possible.

At the same time if you were on a holiday for instance and wanted to get away from everything you lose ships simply due to this although they could all be sent back to your home planet.

On the fleet creation side I believe it is reasonable to be able to fly away. Logically if you are on a planet then the enemy can’t cover everywhere at once and so some ships would always escape. It also means that you live to fight another day which in a war is an important thing.

As for keeping unloaded ships after invasion is another difficult issue. Having spoils of victory when invading someone is a good thing, gives incentive but at the same time is option to abuse similar to resources.

However I would still be for keeping the ships as I know in the past it can and normally was used correctly to help out alliance members who are in trouble and I don’t see that as a bad thing.

I think I’m generally against ships inside the shipyard being able to fight. I think this would make it very difficult to choose invasion targets - unless the contents were exposed by a surface / fleet scan.

IMO the only way this could work is if shipyard based ships had a combat penalty due to not being fully ready - or something similar.

Personally, I really never liked the concept of ‘blockading’ a planet (controversial opinion, I’m sure), intentions should generally be clearer than that, being ‘invade’ or ‘kill fleet’. The ability to arbitrarily render a planet or, if going all-in, a player completely impotent nukes the fun and enjoyment of the game for that player, which is something I’m pretty dedicated to avoiding. Loss of a fleet should already be enough punishment, planet wide evacuations should be possible to try and save what they can.

As far as the ships in the shipyard being immune to attack, I do agree with @Muffinman on this, it does complicate things as far as target choosing is concerned, if players would rather have all their units fighting and aren’t sure if they’re going to make it for a turn or two, queueing up an auto-load of created units into a fleet would be something they could do. This would work better with the concept of ‘repeatable’ ship yard queues. But it would still be up to the player to be responsible with it.