Fleet load/unload between turn updates

This bug was reported during one of the alphas, but seems to be still present.

Its possible to load/unload to a fleet during turn updates. So even if you have hostiles over your planet, it is possible to:

  • Create an empty fleet
  • Put an invasion ship in there
  • Load soldiers

Normal, right? But what if hostiles invade in the meantime?

You can reinvade using the soldiers you just loaded in your invasion ship.

Guess that’s why in the old code it was not possible to invade with fleets in orbit?

Severly abusable. Important to fix ASAP imho.

Honestly surprised it was not fixed already.

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Or as ecko described:

You know you could even get more ■■■■■■ by it in a scenario where the defender has more soldiers than any single attacker.
He just tricks a predropper to taking the planet. The predropper cant defend it and he retakes just before turn update. Then If the enemy is flying away
… No JG

This is critical…

Yeah I did not touch this possible abuse, but is in line with Combat units in SY and hide/show fleet

didn’t consider this yet, but idd Whili, 100% agree.

Posting here because it may get lost on discord:

perhaps when enemy fleet above, restrict addition of fleet to occur only at turn update, forcing participation in some battle. Occupied have a shot to break out, occupying force has chance to shoot down, and allows only one occurrence per tick.

that way you can’t fighter spam to prevent someone from lifting from fleet, but you also cant lift without a fight.

Ecko pointed out it would be bad to allow fleets into orbit infinite time per turn if each lifted fleet fought occupying force individually. These battles would allow a defender to select best ship types to kill occupying fleet with incredible efficiency if user is fast enough. My compromise prevents what ecko was talking about, while fixing this wacky loophole.

It’s a bad “feature” that makes gameplay much less enjoyable.

Unfortunately, this is one of the downsides of reporting bugs and issues on discord, they can be overlooked.

Obviously, a secondary invasion without at least a round of combat is problematic for all kinds of reasons, so I’m going to look into ‘Protecting’ invaded planets for a single turn. This will force combat to occur against any IS that decide to stick around in orbit and not retreat, as well as give the invader the opportunity to unload onto the planet. This does add some responsibility to the attacker to ensure they have combat fleet in-orbit of planets being invaded to ensure any IS which take to the turn, but we all should be defending our Invasion Fleets anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

As a secondary, it’s been noted that it’s possible to use this technique to ‘hide’ Soldiers, and with a bit of micro, loading an unloading ships and soldiers ‘wrapped’ around a turn update leaves you with no BR, surface and fleet scans that don’t show the soldiers. And while I DO NOT BELIEVE that micro-managing your solders to help prevent and manipulate an invasion attempt is bad, what IS bad is the ability to hide the fact you’re doing it. As such, I’m going to be adjusting fleet scans to also display cargo in the fleets.

Hopefully these two changes should resolve most concerns.

I dont think the possibility of hiding sols like that is a problem. Actually adds a bit of strategy.

But should definitely not be able to use them to reinvade this way on the same turn.

Maybe I’m dense, but I’m not seeing an advantage to this maneuver.
Why load & reinvade with soldiers, when die/kill ratio is 3:2 as “attackers”, rather than leave them on the ground as “defenders” forcing the invaders to die in greater numbers?

1 - Can mess with JG as ecko stated
2 - They indeed got the planet for the same cost soldiers-wise. But the one who had to invade did not have any workers with him (he was predropping, not invading). So the planet was not properly secured, thus much easier to reinvade afterwards.

With no way for the attackers to be aware or defend against this.

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Idd. There is assymetrical information and thus is unfair for the attacker.

That’s why now the fleet scan will show the soldiers, to provide that information