Fleet unload skipped if not enough room for pop

Consider the following fleet queue:

  1. Move to X
  2. Unload 100k metal, 100k mineral, 50k pop
  3. Move to Y

Currently, all unload orders are skipped if the planet does not have room to store all of that 50k pop. Since soldiers are also now limited I expect the same bug to apply here.

What happens:

  • Fleet moves to X
  • Fleet unloads nothing
  • Fleet moves to Y

What I would expect to happen is:

  • Fleet moves to X
  • Fleet unloads metal
  • Fleet unloads mineral
  • Fleet attempts to unload pop, amount unloaded gets limited to available storage.

P.S. Sorry if there is an issue about this, but couldn’t see anything relevant.

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Aha! I’ve seen mumblngs about something possible related to this, but no firm reproduction steps, thanks for the details, I’ll get this reproduced and fixed.

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