Friends, Families and Country People

To long have us farmers watched you valiant action stars display such great super powers.

Unfortunately these galaxies have no support for our injured war heroes.

Us farmers cannot stand by and watch our brothers and sisters, our friends and foes suffer alone.

We have plenty of farming land in Galaxy 10. I welcome any who wish to have a respite from the destruction. Come, grab a settlement or two. We can lend you our shovels, pickaxes and hoes.

Warships have no place among the farms. It spooks the animals when they see foreign fleets flying over their planet. So we ask that you keep all warfleet to your own planets, that way we can all farm in peace.

I propose this offer to all. There will be no police’ing. Let us be farmers of honor and respect the farms. If any farmers seem to be making a ruckus then luckily all our farmers are experienced war heroes and we can work together to get rid of any unpeacful neighbours.

Come friends, bring me your outpost ships. Farm to your delight.

I am Xargon, come be my neighbour