Galactic Police - Now Recruiting

Welcome to the Galactic Police (POLICE) recruitment thread.

New to the game? Not sure who to join in the first full length round? Want to play with the cool kids? Then look no further.


To be the first, last, and only line of defence against the worst scum in the universe (not naming any player/alliance names)
To be a starting point for new players
To have fun
To not be ROF


Play alongside the current admin Frostycoolslug
Play alongside the legacy admins Zedd & Scan*
Play alongside yours truly with experience in some of the best alliances to ever play the game Blackrider Commandos, Running With Scissors, Dark Empire
Start the game with 1,000 battleships**

Respond below or message me if you are interested

*might not happen
** definitely won’t happen

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I suddenly feel the urge to make a NAP with ROF…


I expected better of you whili, I feel the urge to write an extensive yet jibberisch DoW now :grin:

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HAHA you’re killing me. Everyone wants to be in ROF :stuck_out_tongue:

I said NAP to kill Police, not join ROF. Don’t get overexcited.

It is good that you are going to help ROF, they will no doubt need it.

You got the idea.

We don’t need a NAP to kill Police… for real :joy:

Clearly Whili is better at maths than you DR so if he thinks you need more people he is probably right :wink:

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It’s not the number of players. It’s what they manage to do…

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ingame name: Igor
wants to join: yes
will offer cookies: no

Hi, I’m FrostyCoolSlug, leader of the Police, and I approve this message.

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Frosty is Sting

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ingame name: King Yakko
wants to join: You have the right to remain in orbit
will offer cookies: to special friends

InGameNameNow: b00ger
InGameNameADecadeAgo: WatTheHell
Wants to join: HellYes

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