General Game Concepts - Brainstorming

So far just a list of developments/suggestions to enhance the overall game concept and some minor/major changes. The aim is to improve strategies/tactics, create more depths and variations without making DG too complex. A good game has some simple rules with lot of varying results without making it too difficult even for starters.

Minor Things

  • Comms: Atm Scans are too expensive in the early games as well as too powerful in the beginning. Too expensive are the usual Ressource Scans, too powerful and way too expensive are fleet scans. Furthermore an option to see if one of your planets has been scanned would add something, a way to protect against scanning as well. Survaillance and reconnaissance on the other hand are a major part of warfare.
    Suggestion: Make the Comms Satellite upgradedable. Provide cheaper scans in the beginning (e.g. 150 Energy for Surface Scan), make advanced scans researchable, add radar-scramble functions via buildings and ships, provide cheap “recon”-drones for systems wittout Comms, easy to spot and cheap to kill, basic functionality. Get a report if you have been scanned (with filter/delayed functionality to prevent spamming by bored enemies). Comms Satellite upgrading to advanced and ultimate level (3 level system), adding additional functionality e.g. scramble or hiding function.

Major Items

  • Research
    Sucks as it es. Especially the PL-research puts a halt on every war as there is no way to speed research up. There should be ways to increase research-speed, adding Scientits and Labs as it once had been. Making decisions e.g. to improve the structurs/ships vs. getting more planets, structures, etc. should be a basic strategy. Having to set up research labs on planets which could be attacked and invaded adds value to planets away from home and adds strategic choices in warfare when trying to cripple enemies’ research capabilities. Research Tree needs more items and more variants. Make Queue Lenghts an item for “premium players” to add some benefit for those willing to pay for comfort

  • Another Ressource/Water
    Earlier we had Food, now I suggest Water. Provides adding uninhabitable objects in space, which could be used to only gain ressources with advanced structures and robots. Make Water rare and scarce. Fighting over water supplies could be fun (and realistic, as it happens on earth soon enough ;)). Water could play a role only in later gameplay with very advanced structures and research making harvesting water availabe, adding more options for players.


This was my feedback on research as well.

I agree it needs more facets. The ability to skew your empire to be more tech based (if desired) rather than raw output based would be an interesting dynamic.

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100% agree with this!

I am not entirely sure about PL. I think it favours warships and less farming. Maybe if the home planet was a bigger rock, and the focus of production was intended to be there, planet exchange would be a new focus.
The concept itself differentiates DG from Travian or other games.
The main question seems to be “do we want the old game or a new one?”

For example, as soldiers don’t require food anymore, why don’t we make them consume workers? Those workers go to the army and the other 9 do the burocratics while 1 goes to war!
That way turtling would be harder and even making or not the soldiers would be a tactical desicion, instead of a no brainier way to burn resources and turtle even more

Unless it’s been changed since the last Alpha, training soldiers makes workers disappear.