General Update - 19th October

Well, ■■■■… Life can be more complicated that combat these days…

I’ve been working on making minor improvements to combat based on my last post ‘Time is Score, Friend’, which has included lots of testing with regards to the benefit of battleships / cruisers… It turns out, I massively over-estimated their importance, and ended up, based on the initial calcs, making them ridiculously overpowered… So I’m still tweaking things to ensure that ‘difficulty’ is considered while not making them god units…

With that all said, on a personal note… I’ve placed an offer on a house which has been accepted. So I’m currently going through the process of handling mortgages, conveyances, etc… This process is ultimately, and unfortunately, delaying the amount of time I can work on DG right now… While I still have a desire to ensure that the release is the best I can provide, obviously, the real world is taking some priority at the moment.

I’m still working on tweaking some numbers, and running a pre-alpha with them (to ensure everything isn’t completely broken) the beta schedule from my perspective will be delayed slightly. Mail and Alliance improvements have slowed a bit due to ‘real life’ commitments, but I do feel like running a basic beta without them will be fine.

Watch this space for updates, they’ll come faster than you might anticipate… But as always, feel free to join the Discord Server to keep up-to-date on everything that’s happening, and participate in test runs.

Hopefully next week will the quieter with more info!

Craig “FrostyCoolSlug” McLure


As mentioned on discord, thanks for all the effort you are putting into this game and take the time required to handle all the work associated to buying a house. I for one have no issues whatsoever in waiting a bit before testing again.