Homeplanet values & Other questions in regards to build lists

Hi all,

I have a few questions:
I was wondering what the starting buildings are on a homeplanet.
I know the values were set to 70% (checking the old fora I found that it used to be 60%).
Anyone knows?
I think it is something like this
Outpost 1
Metal Mine 3
Mineral Mine 3
Solar Panels 1
Farm 1

Anyone can confirm?

Also, are the values here still valid? http://web.archive.org/web/20041011235536/http://darkgalaxy.com/manual/viewitem/buildinglist

I also did some testing on Alpha
Output values are rounded down for each mine type (correct me if I’m wrong here!)
Mine-Output = Mine-Count * Mine-DefaultValue * Planet Value * Technology bonus => rounded down
For example:
output on a planet is the sum of all the output values of the mine types
For Example my home planet on alpha:
Core Metal Mine 24 (count) * 900 (default output) * 0.7 (Planet value) * 1.72 (72% bonus from research) = 26006.4 => rounded down = 26006
Strip metal mine 1 * 9000 * 0.7 * 1.72 = 10836
So my total output is 36842

if the mines were calculated only individually the output of the core metal mines would be reduced to 25992

This also means that outposts do not provide metal output as stated in the documentation linked above.

List above cannot be correct, one solar gives +70, your start list already uses that completely. I would guess it 2 sol and no farm.