How do you get crafty?

Do you really know how to pick locks? :open_mouth:

I would definitely say yes! I did get a kit to try to learn lockpicking, but I lost it :woman_facepalming:

Not all yet, but its a work in progress :grin:

I know I should find this to be wrong but somehow it’s just kind of exciting? :persevere::woman_shrugging:t2::laughing:

It sure is exciting, see it as a puzzle you are trying to solve, with a nice reward when you manage to turn it round :grinning:

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I suppose I should be happy you don’t live near me. :joy:

You do realise you don’t actually know that do you…:smiling_imp:

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Tease… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also have a set. Don’t practice often, since I like too many things.
It’s a fun skill to train and might even be useful if you lose a key to a cheap lock.
I tend to phrase is as obscured 3d puzzling, which it is to me.

Other thing I get crafty with is 3d modelling in Blender:


Mandatory crafting skill: renovating house. My GF implemented a system where I only get some if I do stuff in the house…


Better take your time with that project… lol

Ah yes, that reminds me, I got quite the list still pending too :sweat_smile:

Not a bad idea for women to make a list like that if they really want stuff done around the house, but if the hubby doesn’t get it done, they’re punishing themselves as well as hubby.

doesn’t have to be on a reward punishment basis… just having a list is already useful for most men :grin:

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Finally finished the quilt I was making for my sister in law. Fairly happy with it. The binding was sewn on using a hearts stitch, so there are hearts all around the border. <3


That’s actually pretty cool. Not a fan of the colors you used though. (I hate turquoise)

I made it for my sister in law and her favorite color is shades of green. I want to do one in pink and black for me. Or red and black. :slight_smile:

I knit. :slight_smile:


That looks like the sock I used to get “crafty” with

A lot of talent over here.
I especially like @grapey’s quilts
I use to have a hobby, not much a craft, which was taking care of flowers (specifically gardenia, rose, petunia, and one thats still alive today. IDK its exact name but it is in the mint family, its got a bold herbal and wilderness smell to its dark purple flowers). Sadly a bad fungus lives in the area around our new house we moved into (augus 2018) and so I wasnt able to grow anything. It attacks everything :sob:

I think I may get into the art of fursuit making when my income situation improves. (Fursuiting is a hobby and you cant do it without a fursuit. You design your original furry character and try to bring them to life through illustrations, writing, or a a wearable (fur)suit! Here is an example).

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