Hyperspace Beacons & Jump Gates

Just a discussion thread. Personally I was interested in what were to happen if two alliances faced off mostly Jump Gates were finished.

Currently DE & ROF are preparing and I’m sure just like us they wonder…

  1. The defending player always has the advantage, even with a lauch from inside the system the defending player can intercept. Due to combat code you can maximize damage. Just take your pick on what you want to blow up :slight_smile:
  2. The defending player can hide fleets at his planet which are undetectable, pop out the ones that cause maximum damage and fly off with the rest.

The combination of these factors makes attacking very unattractive. I think my stance on the current combat code is known by now so I won’t eleborate on that part and we’ll see what BETA2 brings in that regard.

So 2 things come up for me.

  1. As long as no overkill is implemented you’re basically forced to fly into a battle that will not favor you in the outcome. If overkill is implemented you can actually decide to fly in because only the defending player can launch ETA 6. If you launch from outside a sector I think it’s perfectly reasonable for the rest of the alliance to jump in time.

  2. Still wtf about this. I can scan abundances, fleet movements, surface buildings, but ships just vanish under a cloak of invisbility. Make them show up on surface scans, thank you.

We’ll obviously work with what we have in this beta, you want teamplay to be rewarded so you shouldn’t nerf JG’s too much if you would even consider that, but the amount of disadvantages an attacker has is too high. The game would pretty much promote a trench warfare resembling WW1. Humble opinion obviously.

Figured it was worth a discussion on the forums after talking to some people about it.


Oh, You are right about surface scan and things in the ground. If it’s not in the air (fleet scan) then should be seen in the ground (surface)
Damn, even it shows how many are working a d you many partying around!