Indulgence By Proxy

Indulgence By Proxy

When the police isn’t doing its job, stays abscence
and while we had been beating each others up

  • It’s not me, it’s not mine
  • Without this shadow my life would shine
  • Get this monkey off my back
  • Then I’ll choose a better tack

Someone took advantage of the situation by trampling those with the the pretty hair, sending them to the dystopia of a far away galaxy.

  • The square is always equal to the sum of the hypotenuse
  • When you don’t believe that what you reap is what you sow - you lose
  • Indulgence by proxy a rope wound seven times, climb the stairs
  • Drop the platform, brings an end to my crimes

We watched with indifference for a while. Now its time to perform some punishment as revenge. For the beauty of those who are worth it - to stop the sinners.

  • The gavel fell with such a force
  • I found my soul in much remorse
  • The monkey died a bitter death
  • The shadow faded then engressed
  • Peeling back the ludicrous thought patterns of my past
  • Trying to find some meaning try to make it really last
  • Cerebellum traps a thought and holds it…

ROF and DE/ESRI hereby declare war against UP.
For now.

Also a word from our Sponsor…

Lets kick ■■■.

No nations had been insulted in the creation of this post!


This is strange… at least. jajaja

What the hell are you talking about? DE is the only ally that UP has. We made no alliance with anyone else other than DE! Is this what you stopped the war with RoF for? To break on your word? Or is this a “we’re under new management, nothing previously agreed matters” kind of spin?
I’m being sarcastic everyone, Cracker was saying just 12 hours ago that he was busy fighting RoF. His word has no value.

And what is this nonsense about revenge? Do we own you anything? Did we take sweet planets away from DE? I’m pretty sure we owe you nothing, since we didn’t take anything from you, or refused any requests either. You’re just a bully who got bored Cracker.

And for the record, WHOREAL was 100% in the wrong. Had they shown any restraint and kept União Portuguesa out of their formal declaration of war against the BORG, we would have no reason to meddle. Just like DE or RoF don’t.
And it will certainly happen again in any future rounds. At a time of our choosing. Any alliance who formally involves UP in anything, will give UP the formal choice of if, how, and when to do something about it.

Beautiful DOW, chapeaux!

Why aint I getting a “like” then, hm? ^^

You know, as educators, we’re not supposed to say this but… You all weren’t even our favorite students.

Anyways there’s been a lot of politicking this round, but I feel like this is kind of reaping what you sow.

Gl;hf all

The 100 turns war is over? Damn… it must’ve been exhausting .

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You guys seriously farmed 100 turns to prepare and carry out out a surprise middle-of-the-night attack in a war against alliance that/s 30% of your combined players and score.

In a BETA.

That’s some massive balls right there.

Let’s see if UP learned anything from WHOREAL.

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The actual code isn’t worthy to fight an active war, the round will probably end in a few days so it doesn’t really matters anyway.

We’ve been active in war for 700 turns non stop, so I dont see a problem there.
Also you stopped an active war against DE to start a new one? No logic here.

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Girls just wanna have fun… :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, it’s like singing when cleaning the courtyard

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It s always the same; more people win against fewer people.

S0L+ROF vs WP.
VoC+WP vs S0L.
S0V vs WP.

Too much politics and too flexible switching sides / directions.
I don’t like it.

DE vs RoF would be interesting if they would commit instead of teaming up for this.
CCPC vs CMT seems a good match up.

I like same size / score wars though without politics it’s hard to find another similar alliance.
Would be possible by teaming up again, but usually one side will become quite a lot bigger than the other.

Did we see a war yet where the smaller alliance won against the bigger one because of their skills?

Have fun with this …

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Lol :joy: 10 characters

Well, that’s the end of DG to me (not this round, but DG for real).
One of the reasons i play online games it’s because of the friendship.
And this round i learned that friendship here it’s something that doesn’t matter … so i’m out.

The “supposed” DE / RoF war … that suddently finished, now i understand why …
Meanwhile i left DE because i was blocked when i was supposed to hit RoF … and after some days joined UP (yes i’m portuguese).
Even if i had stayed in DE i was not able to attack again, now because i didn’t agree with DE attacking UP since i was there.
For what i know DE an UP were supposed to be “friends”.
Now this …
Sorry but i feel backstabbed …

Just a side note … Neither DE or RoF had the balls to admit what they were doing with their movements yesterday so this it’s not a DOW, it’s just a fact …
ah and Cracker you don’t even had the balls as nº1 alliance to come alone … you need to bring bodyguards, as always.
Job well done, i’m out

Just a side note 2 … I was not attacked


Let me take a step back, let me see if I got all of it.

  • So ROF and DE are attacking UP because UP attacked WHOREAL for no reason?

Well, some guys got banned for what they said, so… no reason? You’re in denial!

  • ROF and DE declared war on each other, but actually they were just farming…

And UP is the one with all the tractors… right?

I understand why you declared war, gal 1 is getting smaller and we have what? 200 planets?
But at least be honest about it.

We will be here, waiting for you guys.

Lets go, ROF + DE + WHOREAL + BORG vs UP.

yes, we had been farming - mostly Combat Score - in the DE vs. ROF war. But its funny to see the outsiders’ wishful thinking…

Yes, it was a great war!!! Só great that you became friends and allies!

And even prevented your own players from invading ROF planets.

Its not wishful thinking, just look at the numbers. You may have been playing with your fleets, but actuall war and invasions?

There is no significant changes in planet numbers since you started the war Cracker.

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The point you are missing is that DE and ROF had been friends and allies for like 15 years now and we only agreed to the “friends war” to let the rest of Gal1 play alone. There is no need to assume the guy behind the screen some 400km away is the worst person in history, to play against someone in a game. But little is the amount of people in here getting this. I guess you are all just the kind of sour losers when stumbling on another players hotels in Monopoly.

We didn’t prevent anyone from invading ROF planets - someone is just pulling stuff off his ■■■ for being to lazy to join in operations. There had been no “protections” for ROF planets.

And to do invasions, you have to get your soldiers to the enemys planet. There actually do fleets come into account - because when you are not hamming an enemy 1/10th your size who is playing highly active you are doomed in the current code to get your ■■■ whopped whenever you move your fleets to attack somewhere. But I guess everyone else in this game just flies with invasion ships and invades…

There can’t be a significant change in planet numbers - though its debateble what is ‘significant’ -with PL being a limit and especially without being able to reach hostile planets because the enemy is fighting back.

You may think, its a walk in the park to just roll over an enemy - but thats currently quite not the case as the attacker suffers tremendous losses trying to attack if the enemy isn’t asleep. But may be you would learn that once in a war with an enemy being close to your own size.

ShoRyo you guys should be proud !
It’s taking the 2 bigger alliances of the game to conspire and stop their “war” (they have been increasing score for quite some time, so no war was going on there, there’s no point pretending) to take you guys down at the same time :rofl:

Kind of embarrassing but good war guys !