Introducing the Whilibarj Battle School for the Terminally Craven

The Whilibarjs of WHOREAL have been summoned to council. Thus far, it has been a round with large power blocks and complicated NAPs. We are bored.

After thorough testing in the Alphas, we figured we’d take on the burden of educating some of the more primitive alliances around. But it seems like SOL and the Romanian Federation found others to tussle with, and we applaud them for their valor in finding much smaller alliances to prey on. Even the Uniao Portuguesa, moronically convinced to fight an alliance full of new players, managed to amass a few point of combat score.

So we looked for other pupils that we could educate. We find it to be our burden, as older players skilled in the arts of chaos and flaming, to produce other degenerates. And behold, a beautiful possibility presented itself:

Could this be? An alliance double our size had not a point of combat experience? We were disappointed to say the least. If only there were some sort of sign from the Eldritch Gods that we must educate these savages.

[BORG] Scrughat: lol. We like DalCom …and u are living far away of our quadrant if the Gal. Hugs to Zeb

Oh no. No that won’t do.

Thus, we have opened a new WHILIBARJ BATTLE SCHOOL FOR THE TERMINALLY CRAVEN, specifically for BORG in order to more properly educate them in combat. We understand this may be difficult, as Scrughat has been vocal on the Discord chat proudly boasting about valiantly fleeing all combat:

[BORG] Scrughat: [Cracker] thinks he can control and dominate others, enforcing us to fight becouse we dont have combat score. So what? Who cares? F U!

Should BORG wish not to fight us, we understand. In which case, we will allow you to keep your precious 0 Combat Score on the following terms:

  • 103 planets in galaxy 1 of WHOREAL’s choosing will be paid in fealty. All population and fleets will be removed.
  • Members of BORG will compose a ballad, to be performed live, of the greatness of the Whilibarjs
  • BORG will then disband
  • You accept that you will receive a failing grade for this semester

Fail to accept these terms, we shall forcibly civilize your pathetically developed planets.

School’s in session.



best dow YET ! Good luck and hf

10/10. Would read again :smiley:

First lesson completed.

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Can I join? ^^ Alone…

Yeeees. Teach them.

Remove those tractors from the Galaxy.

Playing a wargame without fighting does not make sense.

I wish you good luck and very much fun in accomplishing your noble mission.

We shall beat the ploughshares into swords!

if you want to offend me, fine, offend my alliance, great. Now my country … this looks more like a racist and xenophobic comment.!

Where were you personally offended Mancha?
Not sure if racism or xenophobia has anything to do with your (perceived) lack of military and football mediocrity.
But you’re right, you did win the nation’s league last year. here’s a sticker

Yes but they are 0 for 7 in the only cup that counts :upside_down_face:

No Mancha, they are not being racist. They are just running their mouth, there’s not much more they can do about it

You wanna talk about football… i think there is something called “off-topic”

what my country did or did not in the last century, has nothing to do with this game… got it? or you want me to make a pic?

Geeezzz Mancha, relax man. You a need a cold beer, let’s have one by the beach. Jeetje an thedtrain are buying.

Successful strike as it seems :smiley:

A picture would really help actually, I’m having some trouble understanding your point.

Oooohhh, you’re reminiscing the alpha when we HW you? Great sportsmanship of you considering it has a successful strike. Who would know that Whili is a nostalgic person.

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We’re not in kindergarten, are we? Figure it out yourself please…


[Took you 5 guys, including 2 with 8 times my score. But sure, if waving your e-penis around cheers you up, go ahead.]