Invasion at planet limit


I already discussed it on Discord with a few people. We have complained enough about PL already so I’ll skip that part. However what limits every alliance further is the inability to pre-invade while at PL. You take away a vital tool for an alliance to support “weaker” members.

I think it would be good to allow pre-invasions when at planet limit, with a penalty for all I care. Since it would be a failed invasion by default you are bound to loose your invasion ship(s). Although I doubt that will count as a penalty later on in the game.


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Necrolyte had to leave the alliance and get invaded by 1 of our own so he can have planet limit :smiley:

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@GosuYuri that doesn’t change anything to be honest. Right now, planet limit 14 means you can have 13 planets or take the penalty of not doing pre-invades and take a 14th. This means you have the choice. Your suggestion will just remove the choice. :slight_smile:

Yeah fair enough, however I still feel like it’s a wrong mechanic holding back an alliance from pushing through.

We are already heavily restricted by the PL… feels annoying.

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As Xtra mentioned, it’s a concious choice. After all it is pretty logical that you can’t invade when you’re at PL. If you want to help others, make sure you always stay -1.

besides, DE with 25 members could potentially take 750 planets. what are you talking about being restricted, that’s 3/4 of the current galaxy 1 layout.

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I agree 167,658,654,568%

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If it’s a concious choice that’s fine, I disagree with it. PL is constraining enough as it is in my humble opinion :slight_smile:

I literally accepted everyone who returned to DG into DE to give them a place, doesn’t mean I have 25 players actively playing or even participating in the alliance chat, that’s totally besides the point.