Invasion messed up

1 After Invasion, I end up with full population (1,400,000) without unloading a single worker.

2 Ressources stocks on the planet all disappeared, going from 145M to 0

3 Even though report was generated, news/report icon did not change to indicate so

I have a similar problem.

I invaded with 90k soldiers and only need 30k. Then I have 0 resources in the planet an 60k workers and 0 soldiers

Partial fix (so bump):

Resources are intentionally removed after invasion, but pop / defending soldiers were supposed to be as well, that’s now fixed.

Only point left is 3.

Ok, Point 3 was intentional originally, as the attacker you’d know the result (either you’d redirect to the planet, or redirect to the report saying it had failed). With that said, it can be misleading, so to ensure the player is as informed as possible I’ve flagged the invaders reports as unread regardless. Closing as solved.