It's been a while.. Progress Update 19th of January

As many of you know, the alpha has kept on ticking for far longer than was planned, I’ve run into a couple of critical bugs which have delayed progress a little bit.

The first one, which terminated the alpha early, was a bug in combat resulting in ships being revived after combat, the engine really wasn’t happy with this happening and it obviously shouldn’t have been happening. It’s been corrected, and I continued turns for a bit, in case anyone was able to spot any other major bugs.

Additionally, it was spotted that certain circumstances would result in workers going missing after constructing certain units (or the number Occupied wouldn’t be correct, or the soldier counts wouldn’t be normal after building). This one has been difficult to track down but was primarily caused by entries being inserted into the database at exactly the same millisecond, this caused a sorting issue which flipped certain behaviours and caused all kinds of weirdness.

Another fun bug found was the ability to overflow your queue limits, I’m not entirely sure what was causing this one, but I’ve put in code to prevent multiple actions being performed too quickly which may have had that effect, I’m hoping this one is taken care of now!

The issue with planets not being renamed after Colonisation / Invasion has now been corrected. I’ve removed the restrictions on planet names having to be unique, so any name should be valid now and the renames will happen. Have fun with this one!

In addition, there were complaints that a player couldn’t have two identically named fleets… As with planets, this restriction has been removed…

We’ve got some movement time tweaks coming up, in-system travel will be increased from 4 turns to 8, system travel will be increased from 8 to 12, as well as some other minor changes.

Account management is high on my priority list at the moment, the ability to change / reset passwords, email validation, some recaptcha here and there, but also Google Authenticator based two-factor authentication. I’ll give more details on these at a later date as they come into play.

The trello is maintaining a list of things which are being worked on, or need addressing. I’m hoping to plough through a lot of these as quickly as possible, the ‘Beta Prep’ list are things I want to get fixed or looked into prior to releasing the beta.

My objective right now, is to address as many of the issues as is practically possible, after which I’ll be digging up the old forums, along with the email addresses of the previous members to fire off a notification that the game is returning. After those mails are sent, I’ll open the beta for signups, and start the game 3 weeks after that point.

While I appreciate that things are going a little slow at the moment, you only get one attempt at a first impression, for those returning, I’m hoping everything can be as clean and smooth as possible, so we can hopefully maintain player retention and keep growing going forward!

Until next time.


yeahhhhh! nice work! Lets GO!!!

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Rock on Frosty!

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Who asked for these numbers?
Who benefits?

Ultimately you might be spot-on, in order to make both the Jump Gate and the Hyperspace Beacon strategically relevant, as well as to incentivise alliance defencive movements using those structures.
But I’d like to know your thoughts, and why you’re moving away from the current travel time.

Because currently it would be too much of an advantage to attackers and there has to be some balance to allow for possible intercepts.

In system travel is 4 now, with your own gate and beacon you have a 2 hour window to intercept an attack in system making it almost impossible for you and certainly not an option for an active alliance member to defend you if you are asleep for instance.

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