Micro Satellite bundle. Yay/Nay/Alternatives

The following changes will be added, but primarily as experimental changes to determine how balance is adjusted with them, these changes may not survive to the full release.

Resource Scans near Game Start
A new structure will be added called the ‘Micro Satellite Bundle’, It can only be built once, on a home world, will take 4 turns to build and cost negligible amounts of resources. This bundle will provide you with 10 Micro Satellites, which can perform free resource scans against any planet in the universe.

The main reason for these is so that at the beginning of the game some additional options can be provided for strategic movement inside the universe. They could be used prior to you sending your first outpost, or afterwards in an attempt to find some planets. They can provide some additional alliance collaboration early on as well for basic scouting prior to full comms satellites becoming available.’’

I raised concern about the risk of abuse regarding the above suggestion in discord and Frosty asked me to make a post about it to garner further community views and feedback/suggestions.

Risk of abuse by multi accounts enabling the scanning of the a considerable amount of planets. This issue would be exacerbated by the addition of Super Planets.

Risk of toxicity and negativity if one alliance were to legitimately stumble upon several Super planets with their first or early outposts. There would be accusations regardless of the innnocence or luck that may have been the case.

I would personally like to see this feature removed. I like the blind flying of outpost number 1 and the trade of for 1 alliance member going comms satellite early build at their exxpense but for the benefit of the alliance.

Or the Satelite bundle (10 scans) Could be made into a buildable item from the shipyard only on the HP. Negligible cost but a build time of 2/3/4 ticks or so. Not enough to set you back overall but providing choice between launching with intel aand risking someone beating you to the planet. Or launching blind knowing you will land quicker (if your following a BO) but that you are still blind. Again offers the choice of 1/2 alli members sacrificing some time of their own for the alliances good.

Does anyone else have any strong views or thoughts or alternative ideas on this proposed change?

Definitely not a fan of microsatt and super planets. I don’t see any benefits or issue solved by this, but I see alot of problems resulting from this change.



I’m with Whili on this one.

I had some input on the micro sat. The main reason is the first outpost lottery. If you start the game with a lemon (especially with the new abundancies) you take too big a hit. So, offering people a shot at relocating if they hit a bad one before they commit was the goal. The first idea was allowing an OP to see the abundancies when they arrive. This seems impossibe due to engine constraints, so this is the next best thing.

With the risk of being obvious: I support the suggestion.

I like both ideas.
How fair is to land the first op on a lemon and get a 20% less every resource than your neighbor?
At least we all should have the same chances, and this rewards activity.

Worried about comms? It’s the same preoccupation since 1995

Would it be possible to override the planet abudance rating for first colonisations? You could award everyone the same abudance rating for their first colonization planet.

Probably horrible to code ;p Just a thought. Would take away the randomness as well as all the negative side effects mentioned above.


Yeah I suggested on discord, that maybe we should randomize the gal only after turn 50 or something. Before that every planet would be average of its galaxy

Why not just give everyone a comms sattelite on HP from the start with a limited amount of energy?

In my opinion this reduces the risks of multi accounts


Bash: Unlimited comms on HW might as well be translated to showing the abundances on the planets.
Which complicates having super planets, at least when they are immediately visible.

On that note. How about having an initial “fog of war” were at the start abundances are hidden, but after a short time they become visible to all by default?

As Saiyan mentions, making the first OS get fixed abundances actually seems like a very good solution regarding the super planets, if feasible. I think super planets are an interesting experiment to add some variety. I’m not sure how positive of an impact they would have, but that’s kind of the point to testing it.

Combing these also seems like a viable mix (to the extend its feasible), so that after the “fog of war” (fixed base abundances) is lifted, abundances are generated and super planets are seeded.

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