Music Video thread

Post the song you’re currently listening to, have stuck in your head, the band you just discovered, etc.

Here’s what I just listened to.

Stuck in my head for a few days now…

By popular harassment

I think this rather belongs in the B D S M section as it seems you’re trying to torture us…

Because who doesn’t want to see Whili on that wreckin ball instead :joy:

No. If I wanted to torture you, I would have gone with this:

Listened to the first 8 minutes. Not bad except actually the narrator was annoying.

Just 8 out of 60? Weak.

Plus the narrator is great. He makes chewing on lightbulbs during an acid trip sound like something awesome.

Lowlife, take notes.

Just gonna have to take your word for that. Also, they must have taken a lot of acid. I took it once, and nary a thought of lightbulb chewing entered my mind. Thank goodness!!

My error. The guy in the story is on LSD, not acid.

But yeah, he chews on lightbulbs.

Should be the same substance.

Not that I’m an expert.

That’s what an expert would say…

I’m not sure I’m an expert on much of anything. And the things I am good at are either boring as heck or not suited for this forum. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

We have pictures of Lowlife on this forum. How bad can it be?


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Nice one. :+1: