Music Video thread

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Nice. I wonder if @Whilibarj would approve. I think it at least meets length requirements.

Even if he doesn’t like the song, he should at least appreciate some of the musicians in it :wink:

The voice kind of reminds me of the guy from Iron Maiden? Or someone… sounds familiar anyway.

There were 11 singers in the song, but no Iron Maiden :slight_smile:

lol, well, one of the 11 sounds familiar.

James LaBrie (from Dream Theater),
Hansi Kürsch (from Blind Guardian),
Tobias Sammet (from Edguy, Avantasia),
Tommy Karevik (from Kamelot, Seventh Wonder),
Russell Allen (from Symphony X).

My guess is it’s one of these five :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look see a little later. Thanks.

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I actually love the work of Arjen Lucassen, the guy behind Ayreon. I missed the release of The Source. Will need to dig into that. Again, quite an amazing lineup. Floor Jansen reminds me how I miss After Forever…

Bruce Dickinson did sing on an Ayreon song, but about 15 years ago

This one. I dont like it that much.

My actual favorite from Ayreon

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Whenever I think of Dark Galaxy forums, I remember this one.

Such a great album. I don’t listen to too much NIN these days - depressing stuff. Still great though.

Cause they are so awesome!

Oddly catchy tune…

The more you listen to it, the better it gets. Or not, but it’s definitely catchy.

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