My Bug Summary 12345 need a few more characters

  • When transfering or unloading soldiers or workers to other ships OR planets, along with other ships or resources you will get an error if the destination cannot hold the workers/soldiers. INVALID_STORAGE error
  • Planet list filters clear whenever you go back to planets list (last view should be remembered imo).
  • Clicking player/alliance names in the rankings, or around the game gives a 404 error.
  • Wait does not get repeated when the option is selected (when executed)
  • Looking back at an old battle report of a planet I had invaded, it shows the old hostile force now as allied.
  • Cannot invite people to my alliances
  • When sending messages it includes space characters before/after the name in the search for the user (ie: "Bean " would not be found when looking for “Bean”)
  • News filtering gets lost when you go next/prev pages.
  • When colonizing the field went blank (probably due to the turn update?) and ended up naming my planet “Uninhabited Planet”.
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General replies for all these issues…

  1. I’ve improved the transfer mechanics to do a slightly better job of trying to fit units in now, failed storage for one unit shouldn’t prevent others from transferring. Although this needs testing.

  2. Because planet filtering is a purely client-side thing, it’s not remembered currently, I’ll keep this in mind when doing the impending huge UI overhaul though, and try to get it to persist.

  3. This is potentially going to show graphs, the 404s are currently placeholders, I’ll take them out for now until the graphs are in and ready to go.

  4. This is fixed.

  5. So is this, looks like you joined the alliance you attacked, the state wasn’t tracking after combat, so it thought they were friendlies despite them being hostile at the time.

  6. Alliances need more general fixing, the reason is likely because the invite limit has been reached, but there’s no information here.

  7. I’m forcefully stripping leading and tailing whitespace from all input fields now, so this shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

  8. I’ll need to double check this during the next alpha, I’m pretty sure the input boxes at the top are just inaccurate, but will confirm.

  9. This should get fixed soon, it’s generally caused by an invalid (or already in-use) planet name, the colonisation / invasion process is handled separately from the planet naming, so they can succeed and the planet naming can fail. I’m going to add a new engine command to validate PRIOR to the execution of the invasion / colonisation. I’m also going to find out if unique location names are actually needed / used anywhere, if not, remove that restriction.