My Bug Summary 12345 need a few more characters

  • When transfering or unloading soldiers or workers to other ships OR planets, along with other ships or resources you will get an error if the destination cannot hold the workers/soldiers. INVALID_STORAGE error
  • Planet list filters clear whenever you go back to planets list (last view should be remembered imo).
  • Clicking player/alliance names in the rankings, or around the game gives a 404 error.
  • Wait does not get repeated when the option is selected (when executed)
  • Looking back at an old battle report of a planet I had invaded, it shows the old hostile force now as allied.
  • Cannot invite people to my alliances
  • When sending messages it includes space characters before/after the name in the search for the user (ie: "Bean " would not be found when looking for “Bean”)
  • News filtering gets lost when you go next/prev pages.
  • When colonizing the field went blank (probably due to the turn update?) and ended up naming my planet “Uninhabited Planet”.
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