My Summary of Alpha Feedback


  • “max” button so we don’t always have to enter a number, on most fields.
  • All queues should have a repeat option
  • The ability to sort planets by name (also remember said sorting when you come back to it).
  • Should be able to demolish any structures on a planet.
  • Cannot see the new mail/news indicator very well on top right of screen
  • Cannot see which items are new/old in the main list.
  • Cannot clear all for new/unseed news/messages.
  • Tune down the losses during battle when it comes to larger sized fleets. Losing 150,000 score worth of fleet in 1 update doesn’t really sound appealing, there needs to be the ability to get out alive otherwise you could cripple someone in 1 move.
  • Radar should be under it’s own tab, instead of having to go look at multiple different pages.
  • Population should be displaced by soldiers, as if you had enough resources stocked you could make seige/blockade useless and just mass soldiers continuously making invasion near impossible.
  • Most of the resources should be kept when invading. It’s costly enough to invade that the defender always has the economic advantage anyway. Better controls over players or inactives not being able to stockpile resources would be a better way to avoid farming. (ie: Max Reserves/Storage, so that people who don’t spent it lose it making it not so appealing to have to targets).
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  • The next / prevous buttons from Ship Yard / Barracks don’t goto the next planet with the facilities. Only if the actual next planet has them, but won’t skip anything in the line

Thanks Bean, I’ll need to take a look through these and give them some thought. There are already some different considerations as far as balance is concerned (for example, Invasion is just too costly, and often not worth doing at the moment), but I think that can at least be remedied somewhat whilst keeping the resource removal (essentially have people focus other ways of defending a planet, rather than just ‘spam soldiers’, keep an eye out for the Alpha 2 thread in the Announcements forum, as I’ll begin addressing it there).

Quite a few of the UI ‘improvements’ should be relatively easy to do, although there is a UI rewrite on the cards once the first round runs. Obviously, during speed games and pre-alphas where turns are 10 seconds, they’re more problematic and it definitely highlights them more, but during a full game a little less so.

I’m preparing for a full combat review, there are a few glitches and issues there, and some battles certainly do happen too quickly (depending on the size of the fleets involved), which may need a look.