On Popular Demand!

26 million combined combat score, what went wrong with our NAP DR?!

Dunno :stuck_out_tongue: I need to stop accepting bourbon from AVE :smile:

Hey!! I also lost all my fleet!!
so, it’s only 1 team, or later on we’ll see some reinforce too? Haha

I was having lunch at a friend’s (birthday), when I found out about the ROF movement, and the DOW.-
First, thanks for not moving in the middle of the night, that was honorable.-
Second, it is commendable to only send a handful of its members.-

Now, to the interesting thing.- Hopefully they underestimate us.- So this little war lengthens and becomes fun.-

Good luck to the members of rof, we are waiting in the sky to crash our fleets.-

Lets have fun.-


Why you ungrateful…


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We attacked in the middle of the day and DOWed you guys. I really don’t understand why you don’t want to fight for fun in a beta, I’ve got tons of messages from your men asking not to… you even contacted my men to stop it.
You want to farm till the end of the round?
We didn’t sneak attack you guys.

It’s incredible that this days I have to ask nicely to attack someone, back in the days you didn’t even got a DOW from us.

We have nothing with BORG, you guys are really great, let’s just have fun.
We are going to attack another sector soon, be ready.

If you want I will tell you our next move everytime with 3 turns before that.

Have a good day.


I dont understand why you are telling me this?
Have i made a mistake on my writing in english??
O maybe you didnt understand what i said?

I think, we have a misunderstood.-

I leterally wrote, “THX for NOT attacking at night”, and NOT sending the hole alliance in the fiurst move…
So again, what are you saying my friend?

Or maybe i dont understand you?

I just even said we are goin to crush our fleets in the sky
literally said that “Good luck to the members of rof, we are waiting in the sky to crash our fleets”.-

SECOND: What member of our alliance contact your members to STOP the war?
Would be nice you put here the screen of that, because I am not aware of that. Besides, there would be no point in doing it.-

I hope you retract the message (answer) that you have given me.-

Keep the good fight

Middle of the day is an abstract concept with Scrughat involved. We spent few days trying to figure out, does the main Borg ever sleep.

well, scrughat lives at night… ja
And he knows our cels… (that the bad thing)

12 days ago? Feels like ages!!

Quoting just to pin it in my mind

yeap, me too
Feels like a moth at leat… lol

Not really, it went on for 2-3 days, enough time for your leader to hump my leg and then hump it back ^^

Then you have boney legs. Tell him nice words, give some kisses… Make him want to stay

Seems that loreal didnt taught you much…



Haha that inefficient fight broke a blockade over the planet, killed 200k soldiers next turn, and allowed us to re enter sec 45 and take all your planets there.

I still considere it a victory

Planets : 20
Ground Space : 1
Orbital Space : 10

Metal Output : +682,218
Mineral Output : +556,632
Energy Output : +76,921

Metal % Average : 128
Mineral % Average : 128
Energy % Average : 128

You took our planets there because we went to clash against VOC, you and voc still don’t realise that we fought both of you at the same time, so we couldn’t really be in two places ^^

Hahaha the same problem Cracker has!! DE saved me from researching more Planet Limit!!