Pre-Plan Alliance for Beta 1

Future alliance founders and prospective members alike can use this thread to pre-plan your alliances, recruit loyal followers and have a discussion about territory, wars, and pacts before the server launch.

As TheFurryFox,
I declare myself the future Alliance Founder of: [ANTHRO] Anthrocon 1
For Beta 1, and currently looking for members to apply!


.1. I am accepting any and all applications.
First come, first serve policy.
9 spaces open (subject to increase on the circumstance).

.2. I strive to create a competitive alliance, capable of being a formidable foe or worthy ally.
Members will be encouraged to play skillfully and log in regularly.
Friend or foe, we will treat everyone with respect and follow pacts and the game rules.

.3. Requirements to join: ability to log in at least 5 times a week.
Follow attack move orders and keep up with server military averages.
Join the alliance’s discord server for emergency contacts.

  • Alliance Roster (as of 1/22/2020)
    (1/10) TheFurryFox, sector 57.


[ANTHRO] has an invested interest in keeping galaxy 1 peaceful, and considers the bottom left quadrant its home (sectors 33-36 left to right, and sectors 36-60 top to bottom).
With the outer-most layer being a border boundary than being a core territory.

[ANTHRO] is very open to making pacts and considers war a part of an economic tool. While it has a boundary/buffer, it does not consider all intrusions an act of war, but a trading opportunity. Non-core sectors are tradable for favors. One example would be to develop planets there for us, and allow us to conquer it freely after helping you win a war.
(sector boundary is subject to change, depending on alliance size. In short, each member will be given the right to a whole sector. The sectors bordering our members will be treated as our back yard and see it as our right to do what we like with it. We do not recognize anyone’s core territory in them and we expect to be paid by intruders or kick them out).

[ANTHRO] is a mercantile crusading guild in short. We do not seek conquest or start wars, but seek internal development of our own territory and only enter conflicts on behalf of allies. We seek competent allies, strong or weak, who are not afraid of being overly ambitious and willing to share at least 50% of the spoils with us. [ANTHRO] does not betray allies, not even at the very end. What will get a pact terminated is the unwillingness or incapability of returning our dues, merciless onslaught or disrespect to “targeted” alliances, or being the top dog in the server. ([ANTHRO] only helps underdogs and is very flexible with their alliances to help make sure every alliance can challenge the strong).

If you want to play with us as a member or as a ally that is all what you can expect from [ANTHRO]. P.S I do not, and I believe no one, has the technical “right” to claim sectors as core territory. However it does add a layer into role-play and creates boundaries to be contested. They can be contested and I nor anybody can cry about it if that happens.

Please reply to this thread if you’re looking for an alliance or if you are recruiting for your alliance. (You dont necessarily have to do it in the same fashion I had. I do seek to make my alliance role-play oriented with clear lines and rules on pacts and how we engage in conflicts).

Galaxy 1 sector 1-64 layout resource

Can I join?


[stupid 10 chars min]

This thread is pretty much closed.
A lot has changed in the game and therefore my post is out of date, but the core idea of [ANTHRO] remains the same.

.Never pacting rank 1 alliances or their allies.
.Territorial to the point where wars will be waged to guarantee at least 6 systems per ANTHRO member in the central galaxy.
.Mercenaries who seek to enter alliances for self gain and destruction of whatever alliance is currently rank 1, and to help the community farm off toxic players.

and for a few changes…
still figuring out what part of the inner galaxy I want to declare as core territory. Most likely the bottom left corner. Since this didn’t get any applications and my alliance is not full, I have changed recruitment policy to open doors, where anyone who applies is let in, with some rare instances of penning a letter of recommendation to renowned independent enclaves. Discord contacting would be preferred, but no longer mandatory. Experience is no longer mandatory. Imperial rule has changed into a majority rule. More details held internally.