Progress Update, 10th June 2020 - The Road to Beta 2

So Beta 1 has been running for a while, and feedback is pouring in, I’ve been making a lot of changes in the background in preparation for Beta 2 to help alleviate some concerns which have cropped up throughout the course of the beta, lots of bugs and issues which are all being resolved as best as possible with the current engine (some of them are more difficult to resolve).

So, onto the list of stuff which is planned for beta 2.

The Return of Food
There are a lot of for, and against, arguments for food, with some people ok with it being absent, and others very vocal about the strategic options that have been removed because of it. While I’m still of the general personal opinion that food is unnecessary, and more could be done with Workers to help balance them out, I’m reintroducing food to help resolve some issues that aren’t as easily dealt with.

As far as how it will work:

  • Workers will grow / shrink at a 1% rate, depending on food availability
  • The Leisure Centre and Hospital will each increase growth by 0.5%
  • 100 Workers will Consume 1 Food per turn


  • Occupied Workers currently cannot starve (this is due to a fundamental engine limitation, which would require a mass rewrite to resolve). They will, however, get priority over food.

Adding Sectors to Galaxies, and Travel Time changes
An issue which has been expressed, due to the system to system travel times (especially in Gal 1), it’s currently exceptionally difficult if not impossible to intercept incoming fleets flying in-galaxy, making FBs and JGs an absolute requirement to be able to defend a friendly or allied planet in a different system.

In response to this, sectors are being introduced, as an extra coordinate digit, with additional travel times added for intra-sector travel. Sectors will have 4 systems inside them (for a total of 48 planets in Gal 1).

In-System travel time will remain 8 turns, as it in currently, in-sector travel time will take 12 turns, and in-galaxy travel times will take 16 turns (there are other changes to travel times as well, these will be detailed at a later date). This will mean that if an attack is coming from outside your sector, you’ll have at least 3 turns notice for planets inside the sector to move possible defences.

The addition of ‘Destroy’ to all structures
Relatively simple one, all structures now have demolish conditions. Destructions will take 50% of the time taken to construct the original unit, and will return 50% of the resources used.

Workers / Soldiers will be destroyed if there isn’t enough storage for them after demolition of housing is complete.

Due to the aforementioned inability to destroy OccupiedWorkers, if you attempt to destroy housing, but the end result does not have enough room to store all occupied workers safely, the destruction will fail despite turns being consumed. I’m going to see if I can improve this so that the demolition will wait in the queue, then complete immediately once the Occupied Workers have returned to normal Workers.

The following changes will be added, but primarily as experimental changes to determine how balance is adjusted with them, these changes may not survive to the full release.

Resource Scans near Game Start
A new structure will be added called the ‘Micro Satellite Bundle’, It can only be built once, on a home world, will take 4 turns to build and cost negligible amounts of resources. This bundle will provide you with 10 Micro Satellites, which can perform free resource scans against any planet in the universe.

The main reason for these is so that at the beginning of the game some additional options can be provided for strategic movement inside the universe. They could be used prior to you sending your first outpost, or afterwards in an attempt to find some planets. They can provide some additional alliance collaboration early on as well for basic scouting prior to full comms satellites becoming available.

Planet Abundance Changes
While the general flow of the game towards Galaxy 1 has been relatively successful, there are at least some concerns that the abundances are too high causing progression to be much faster than expected, while at the same time leaving the rings somewhat undesirable. The change is to modify the rings so that resource SPREAD is focused on, not resource numbers. The abundances will be changed as follows (with similar adjustments made to Ground / Orbit space):

Gal 1: 80-100%
Inner Ring: 60-100%
Outer Ring: 40-100%

This will increase the likelyhood of competitive planets being found in the outer rings, but statistically less so, while at the same time maintaining the general importance of Galaxy 1 for them tasty planets

Super Planets
Along with the above changes, I intend on sprinkling a handful of ‘Super Planets’ around the universe, these planets will have 150% fixed all abundances and could occur literally anywhere. Their location and count will be kept a secret (the code will be written in a way that I don’t even know where they are, or how many of them there are), but finding them and defending them can be massively beneficial to players and alliances, as well as taking them!

There are a couple more fixes happening in the code, including:

  • Fixed Fleet Queues so loading / unloading operations don’t pause the queue for a turn
  • Allowed Load / Unload operations to be added to a queue while a Fleet is in Flight
  • Removal of Empty hostile fleets over planets
  • Fixed alliance member limits allowing count + 1
  • Better Threaded Turn Updates, to improve the update speeds
  • Ordered Radar by arrival turns, rather than fleet ID

As well as a few others that’ll likely happen prior to Beta 2 going live.

While there isn’t a formal date on Beta 2 yet, stuff is still being written, and will need some testing which will likely occur as a speed game (in case additional balancing is needed), but keep your eyes open :slight_smile:


I see a lot of very interesting and good changes. I’m wondering if soldiers require food to produce (because it would force a trade-off between high pop planets and soldier production)

Soldiers WILL once again require food to build.


I’d say the biggest problems are already spotted, maybe a speedgame to check the changes or even beta 2 sooner?
I think there is no need of 2400 more turns of trench wars, no BTS and the same things everyone spots

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I (unfortunately) agree.
What DE & ROF are currently showcasing is a complete stalemate once 2 big teams start fighting. Offense is weak, defense is extremely strong.

The defender takes favourable battles, both sides invest huge amounts of soldiers (due to JG’s they get reinforced upto 200k+ sols + pop) to take a handful of planets going back and forth which considering both DE & ROF have a huge amount makes pretty much no difference.

No need for large alliances to get in a stalemate. We got pretty much the same situation with Borg before UP did their thing.

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It’s a matter of opinion obviously. I am not right nor wrong.

Obviously you can just run into battle and break the stalemate. Whether or not that is a smart thing to do is a completely different thing.

Besides the choices, taking in care that next round

Food comes in again
% change
Speed of the game changes
Combat sistem changes
Gal distribution changes
Time travel changes
Research and JG changes?

What is the point of searching even more issues?
Unless frostycoolslug still is working on those things, so we keep on meanwhile.

What if the winner of the round is determined by combat score? And unsuccessful invasions give score for the defender!
At least it wouldn’t reward pure farm and powerblocks hahaha

I fear this will be a really annoying change. First thing what came to my mind was enemy coming eta 11 and having time to demo both Comms and JG…

Also you could demo strips, which are like 500k investment . I think we need to be careful with demolishing as I can guarantee it is something every player hates.

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basically you want to easily destroy anything that at some point in the game requires destruction, but make it difficult to destroy anything because of enemy invasions inbound. Basically strips, comms, beacon, JG, metro, colony dont see why you would want to destroy those ones build.

While 2 turns for each farm or mine by the time you want to upgrade to cores is just slowing down the game really.

I agree. I really just want to destroy LQs.

it was fun